Pencil Floor Lamp, An Incredibly Artistic Work

The 2 metre high light pencil copied the HB humble

No PIN is probably more easily recognizable as the humble. A Studio from London has now provided this iconic object with a new function. The couple and team Michael & George have planned the project and realized. You have made a very bizarre approach and called to life as well as art. It is a vivid expression now in her latest work. It’s about one approx. 2 metre high light

This lamp is exciting and kusntvoll in all its aspects. We start ever, that it has been created by hand. Incredibly, or? Here, the lamp also in craft terms represents an incredible work.

Only high-quality materials have been brought to bear here.

The light for the first time at the tent London exhibition last year was presented.

The goal of the artist was among others to create Aufmetksamkeit and laughter through their work. Because the lamps play a very important role in their Lebensphilisophie.

The HB table lamp looks like a super large pencil. She has a body of wood, sheets, blown glass and rubber elements.

It has one to the 10-metre cable that comes out of the tip, available. Thus, the user throughout the room can go around and illuminate everything. Where the rubber part should be, is the light bulb.

Real or a drawing?

The design of the lights is indeed super playful. The purpose of the work but also a strong practical aspect – he is used to the inspiration.

Everyone he should according to the artists for their own moments of “enlightenment” be inspired. This is the main idea of the HB Laing. Thus, one has also established a strong sensual relationship on the original pencil. Because his main idea was also the inspiration for new creative works.

This has not changed the lamp, though taking place in this case the stuff in another area.

Still in packaging