Designer Lights With Cool And Funny Design

Current trends in designer luminaires

Luminaires are something we do without in any setting. You get also a growing importance within modern and open housing plans. You define boundaries between areas and there are also more to allow the existence of any dark corner.

Designer lamps are now flexible in all respects: Leuchtintensität, colors, shapes. You sign up thus in different design concepts better and made the atmosphere there.

Ultimately, modern designer lights show the character of modern premises. They are unusual, original, ergonomic and beautiful at the same time according to the most people.

The variations of shapes and models are very large. See below, what has become especially popular in the last few weeks and months our observation after.

Designer lamp in the form of mushrooms

The organic forms in the designer lamps are popular for a long time. Not infrequently we decided form here for the fungus. Flash nuances pimp these models on.

Interesting shapes of the light bulbs themselves

Freestanding lamps can be found as designer lights in industrial and eclectic rooms. The variations are surprisingly much. To deal playfully with the shape of the light bulb. Some are taken as drops.

Flowers that go on

They often mimic the real life and provide a particularly exciting mood. Some how flowers, which are up and walking.

Sticker design lights

This is a space-saving idea with little industrial character. It paints the strokes of a lamp shade on the wall. The bulb is positioned in the middle there. Really original, or?

DIY lamps out of clothes

Recycling DIY ideas are no strangers to the world of designer lamps also. Bulbs hanging simple be easily covered in clothes. That seems somewhat strange to many people at first glance, but you believe us – some models look really great!

LED modular component

Many of the modern designer luminaires consist of the bound LED modular components. These comprise together unique futuristic forms.

This approach allows many people to give a free rein to their imagination.

Visual illusions, slim design and sculptural forms

Another, very popular trends in the designer lamps are the visual illusions. You can at first glance do not recognize that it is a lamp. It has also many flat models, you might bring about on the wall. Such as, you can buy a designer lamp for the ’s room which combines a wall sticker and lamp.

It is also becoming more popular to buy a sculptural lamp for a minimalist apartment. For this reason, much more such on the market are offered.

Now, after we have called some of the main trends, we present a concrete model you, so that the whole thing is still vivid. Let’s start with the model by Osko and Deichmann. It demonstrates the trend with the LED elements. They are very small and together make up a chain of frozen in the air. As we see it.

And how would you describe this designer lamp?

Exuberant light low light for the night

Create additional light by beautiful designer lamps in your home

Designer table lamp made of wood

Similar to these lights not on a landlocked basket?

Create yourself your own designer lights

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Are you a fan of the jellyfish?