Designer Chandeliers

Simply inspired designer chandelier, you

In the respective film by Gwenael Lewis describes the Creative Director Omer Arbel like the bubbles in the last Designer chandelier the company an “internal space” can make, when they are illuminated.

The creation process of the chandelier bubbles is fascinating

The film shows the creation in the process. Special tools and facilities, the manufacturer first melt the glass and then they create new molds by inflating. “Starting point the idea is, that you can bring the glass in different forms at a certain temperature.”, said Arbel. Introducing air into the glass creates bubbles or air pockets, depending, at what temperature the action is performed. “It pushes the air into the unit and makes her way through the bodies, which show the least resistance. These are the places which are at their hottest. “, said Arbel.

The end product is a cloud-like piece

The lighting looks like a smooth, glossy surface from bubbles, if it is disabled, but the air bubbles become visible as soon as the light is on.

“When it lights up, then an internal universe is concluded”, says Arbel

The 57 series were the central project at the booth at the Euroluce fair in Milan during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile. Here are a few movies by Gwenael Lewis about the design of the bocci chandeliers.

Simply fascinating process

It is very amusing to see the creation process of the bubbles

The bubbles are similar to some exceptional

And at the end you can enjoy some designer chandelier by bocci:

This designer is great chandelier

Is beautiful, don’t you think?

Particularly impressive

This lamp gives the atmosphere a particular style

Stylish and elegant

If you want to be original, you select such a chandelier