Nail Polish Trends For The Festive Winter Season

The carefully selected manicure is a good example for your festive mood for Christmas and new year’s Eve 2016. The elaborate designs in bright colors are a typical signs that you have pushed the everyday stress in the background and taking time for yourself and your feminine appearance. Christmas manicure is a gift that every woman should enjoy.

There’s again amazingly beautiful manicure trends this year and we like to they represent, they serve as an inspiration for you to make.

Manicure trends – how to shape the nails?

The shape of the manicure must be natural and practical. The pointed and completed nails are not at all up to date. Oval shape is the latest, and she should be kept as short as possible. How much exactly, depends on the size of your nails. Adhere to the minimum so that your hands look elegant and avoid a childish look.

Return the year of the monkey in the past!

The year of the fiery red monkey has caused much tension and unexpected surprises. Even if these were not just always pleasant, you should look at everything as experience and send this skittish animal in the past with joy. Use the typical fiery red color and bring even a monkey character on one or more nails.

We welcome the year of the Tiger. Although it is according to the Chinese calendar isn’t exactly on the new year’s Eve, but we can still use it as live sex cams inspiration for our nail design.

Nail Polish trends – blue, green and violet

Many of us need compensation for the Fiery emotions of this year. Blue, green and violet offer this possibility and at the same time they look magnificent and solemn. These colors are a great background for the wearing of stars and other patterns with a special nail.

Stylized patterns and glitter

The drawings not to childish weigh on the solemn manicure to this advent and Christmas season, as well as for new year’s Eve. Although you can use asterisk and snow wear, but make sure that everything is stylized. Also you should accents more so – you can use the nails of the ring and middle finger drawings and also glitter to wear. This year, the use of different shades of an and the same color is absolutely mandatory.

Nail Polish trends – 3 D and solemnity

Simply use the latest possibilities of 3D designs and the ability to apply photographically-looking images on your nails. New year’s Eve is simply a wonderful occasion to come out about everyday life and make something really new with the own appearance. The manicure is a good place to start.

Prepare this already on a fabulous new year!

This year there is again incredibly beautiful nail design and chaturbate trends

These colors are a great background for any kind of decoration

Nail Polish trends – glitter and stones are a great accent

Combining two trendy Nail Polish colors with a great accent

Nail Polish trends – use the typical fiery red color

A Nail Polish idea to do it yourself

Nail Polish trends – avoid a childish acting design

The form of the manicure should be natural and practical

Nail Design Ideas With Stripes For A Colorful Summer

Summer stripes nail design

At the beginning of the summer, the temperature rises outside, there are all fresh and colorful colors that maximize our mood. It is also desirable to have summer shades in our outfit.

The simplest change in our look, we can put on the safe, is a summer nail design with stripes. This is definitely a stylish and playful solution which undoubtedly other people on your hands will get the attention. In the last 100 years, the stripe pattern occupies a special position in fashion and many designers rely on. Unfortunately, the history of the stripe pattern is not well researched, the beginning of this designs is not exactly noted. But we want to give you some more information on this subject on and hope you will find interesting.

History of the stripe pattern

The stripe pattern as a pattern for clothes of prisoners, clowns, executioner etc. has been applied already in the middle ages. At that time, it was assumed to be illustrations of evil. Only at the end of the 17th century, the striped pattern turns into a fashionable chic. In 1846, Queen Victoria in a sailor suit on the Board attracted your 4 year old son Albert Eduard of the “Royal yacht”.

Since then, the public was excited and began to idolize every child dressed in the striped pattern. The striped shirt has conquered the fashion world in the middle of the 19th century. Sea Blue and white with 21 strips, each symbolizing each victory Napoleon, became a common uniforms of French sailors.

A longtime trend

At the beginning of the 20th century, the unique Coco Chanel taking a trip to the French Riviera. When she sees the port workers in their striped shirts, you will be equally inspired and created a maritime collection. And thanks to Coco turned the Strip into an absolute hit Chanel and her collection. Today, you can see this pattern on clothes, accessories, shoes and of course on the nails.

With a striped nail design, you will look original and very teasingly this summer. The decision for a nail design with this pattern will be difficult, because the choice of colours and ideas is really enormous.

We hope you find a nice motif in our picture gallery that will decorate your hands during the coming summer season.

A fingernail with stripe pattern spices up the nail design on

A very bold and guarantee idea

Palm motifs are great addition to the summer stripes

A romantic combination

You can even easily realize this nail design

Finger nail design in pink and white

A trendy design for the summer

Choose a glittering base color

With this nail design you will draw definitely everyone’s attention

Opt for the typical maritime stripe pattern

A contemporary design for gel nails

The anchor as a symbol of the summer

An idea for the ladies who are on French design

The Flash color comes through the black based Nail Polish color very well

Stripes and points – a twice-trendy idea

The ideas and color combinations are really boundless

Attractive colors and interesting designs for the summer manicure

Nail Designs For The Latest Trends

The new nail designs are a wonderful option for those who want to enrich your look. The natural looks prevail in fashion in General. It will work though very original and chic, but must be on a very inconspicuous and not reverse kuenstelten fashion possible. The clothes, accessories and performance in General must take to reveal the personality of its own, as well as the dynamics of the character of its own and body. To achieve this, you must be extra careful with the hot sex shows details.

See the latest nail design for trends many ideas which make for a finished look, as well as serve as accents in a neutral outfit. If you are just looking for those, stick with it and look at our role models. They are accompanied by Tips how you best implement them and thus prefer combining them.

Nail designs – good appearance of nails in everyday life

First you must make is, to keep your nails in a healthy and well-maintained condition. You must have a beautiful shape. That doesn’t mean you have to be long or short. The nails must be only beautiful evenly cut off. And they need to look particularly healthy. Rather forgo aggressive treatment for a few weeks, but sure prefer that your nails do not break and no stains.

That goes first through the right diet, but also by the correctly selected cosmetic products which provide nail strength.

The manicured nails are the best basis for an interesting and successful nail design. This is true especially in this season, which tolerated the natural tendencies.

Select the appropriate materials

Simple homemade nail design means something different for every woman. For some women, this means that the nail polish dries faster and leaves no trace, and without much effort results in a unified look. Others take time, however, gladly. Please wait patiently until it dries off right, and them, it is important that he is more resistant to cracking, detergent and other external conditions in everyday life. Make your own priorities and diligently looking for resources that match exactly this. Shop at one time not too much here. You start to prefer a nail polish and when you see that it works well for you, then you can buy other colors from the same series or with the same characteristics.

Choose the right technology

Well be able to set up your priorities you pay attention mainly on two aspects: first, you need a paint job, which is good for the nail polish base. Continue to, for a suitable method for you, you must decide which you put accents on the nails. This is of course not mandatory, especially not in this season, in which the natural appearance is strongly preferred. However, we would encourage you to experiment with accents and characters on the nails. Some people access to these, because they are of the opinion that the forms of nail design jewelry and accessories are way too complicated. You give up something you like very good. But newer techniques in this area, there is, and it may be that one or the other easier run is for you. Above all, you can opt for the figures and the jewelry on the nails for colored stripes or other decorative elements. Sie müssen diese praktisch nicht darauf malen, sondern Sie kleben diese an und erreichen somit einen beeindruckenden und nachhaltigen Effekt.

Combine different colors

The last very handy tip, we want to give you is the following: you combine different colors in the form of layers. You can take a nuance to the base and to apply an entirely different. Of course you must wait well between applying the different layers, so that everything dries properly. This approach is very useful in many ways. First, you appear slightly different to the already available coatings can: with few resources, provide more variety. Still, you can reach by combining original effects probably rarely seen in other people.

Nail design, it’s always on the creativity. But it has affected mainly the outer appearance. Now, can and have to be creative even when the methods of nail design. A creative setting helps you original results makes it easy to reach, often to change the appearance of your nails and to counteract this modern and dynamic. Find the easiest way for themselves, to have beautiful nails and enjoy your fabulous work.

A colored accent can be combined color with the nude well

Something sparkly must be there!

Combine the nail polish with your jewelry

A beautiful summer color provides more atmosphere

The soft pastel colours are an unobtrusive idea

But newer techniques in this area, there are

A piece of jewellery for elegant ladies

This tendency is for women who would like to keep up with fashion

You combine two similar colors of Nail Polish nail designs-

Keep your nails healthy and well kept in condition

A courageous and very trendy nail design for 2016

Ask for the latest nail design trends

Among the classic nail designs – Red!

Nail designs – to combine your favorite colors!

A Flash idea for courageous women

Nail Design Ideas For Christmas And New Year

Spectacular and artistic nail design for Christmas and new year 2017

Are you looking for the hottest nail design trend for 2017? This is important, because the slip is a great event for young and old in the new year. Affairs. No effort for the proper preparation may be superfluous. We have to make everything possible to make the festive season with friends and family as pleasant and memorable as possible.

Festive nail design may be particularly important not for all women. You can look at but from a different perspective: when you turn your nails into jewels, you’ll need no expensive gems. This works but only if you know the latest trends in Nail Polish design well.

Nail design Christmas – combinations of black and gold, but other

Black and gold is a good combination for a glamorous look. But this year we would turn them slightly differently. You need several different variations for your fingers. Opt for French design and then let one or two fingers only in gold but. For this, you can then some more work with glitter and ombre effects.

Beige and silver 3D

3D design on all nails would be too many ladies and yet it is too good to Miss so delicate trends from this year. Here is the solution: strip all nails in a subtle beige and do you design one with a great 3D in silver.

Particularly varied geometric patterns

The geometric patterns are for many years in. This year, you can and should apply the best many different variations on the finger nails.

Themed Nail Polish designs with statements are very fitting for the end of the year from 2016. You can do this quite sculptural and unconventional. Install themes that have a desire symbolism, represent love and happiness. You can also apply the Tiger, the symbol of the new Chinese year.

Elaborate reliefs

The artistic design can include the various reliefs – for example, you can combine a number of elements, the look like knitted.

Artfully conceal the fragile places

The manicure is careless with each new trend! You have many 3D effects and sparkling looks with which you can hide easily many different fragile bodies. So have the desired effect and at the same time keep your nails in good condition for a long time.

Nail design Christmas – the beautiful nail design increases the self-confidence of every woman

Let something fall

Nail design Christmas – a simple and stylish nail design idea

A great idea for those who like it colored

Combine a trendy Nail Polish color with a great flower

Christmas nails pictures of nagellach trends

The Red Nail Polish is a classic choice for Christmas

Nail design Christmas – are the geometric patterns for many years in

Black and gold is a good combination for glamorous look

Gold is good to combine with all colours

Nail design Christmas – a trendy black and gold combination

Chavron pattern for the nail design

Nail Polish trends Christmas nail design