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Evil Backwards, Lincoln Lake, CO
Free Range, Boulder Canyon, CO
The Space Between Cars, Red Feather Lakes, CO
Black Shadow, Rocklands, SA (one day)
Botox Bowtie, Joe’s Valley, UT (one day)
Fata Morgana Bas, Fontainbleau, FR
The Riverbed, Magic Wood, CH
Slashface, Hueco Tanks, TX (V14)
The Automater, RMNP, CO
Circadian Rhythm, Poudre Canyon, CO
El Techo des los Tres B, Hueco Tanks, TX (before the break)
Crown of Aragorn, Hueco Tanks, TX
Freaks of the Industry, RMNP, CO
Nuthin’ but Sunshine, RMNP, CO

The Overcling Traverse, Lincoln Lake, CO (1 day)
The Honey Badger, Lincoln Lake, CO
Stranger in a Strange Land, RMNP, CO
Daddy Fat Sacks, Ute Pass, CO
Authentic Battle Damage, Boulder Canyon, CO
Nutsa, Rocklands, SA
Shosaloza, Rocklands, SA
Oral Office, Rocklands, SA (4 tries)
The Big Bang, Red Feather Lakes, CO FA
Mastadon, Red Feather Lakes, CO FA
The Vampire, Red Feather Lakes, CO FA
Shaken Not Stirred, Hueco Tanks, TX
Big Joe Left, Joe’s Valley, UT second ascent one day
Battletoads, Joe’s Valley, UT second ascent one day
No More Greener Grasses, Mt. Evans, CO
Clear Blue Skies, Mt. Evans, CO
The Hobbit sit start, RMNP, CO First Ascent
Blood Money, RMNP, CO
Pterodactyle, RMNP, CO Second Ascent
The Power of Ten, RMNP, CO Third Ascent
Salamandre, Brione, CH
Schule des Leben,Chironico, CH one day (V13)
Ganymede Takeover, Brione, CH (V13)
Freak Brothers, Chironico, CH
Extreme Ironing, Cresciano, CH
Roswell, Chironico, CH
Biggie Shorty Extension, LRC, TN second ascent
Something From Nothing, Great Barrington, one day (before the break)
Sit and Deliver, Pawtuckaway, one day
Trice, Flagstaff, CO third ascent
Wildcat, RMNP, CO
Riddles in the Park, RMNP, CO
Burnout, Walker Ranch, CO second ascent
The Red Snapper, Vedauwoo, WY second ascent
Full Monty, Hueco Tanks, TX
Formula 500, CCC, CO second ascent
Secret Splendour, RMNP, CO
European Human Being, RMNP, CO
Dark Waters, CCC, CO (V13)
The Centuar, RMNP, CO
Diaphanous Sea, Hueco Tanks, TX (before the break)
Barefoot on Sacred Ground, Hueco Tanks, TX
The Buttermilker Stand Start, Bishop, CA

Last of the Living Things, RMNP, CO FA
Small Arms, Mt. Evans, CO
Phobos, Mt. Evans, CO (1 day)
Unshackled Sit, Mt. Evans, CO FA
The Gusher, Ute Pass, CO (1 day)
Prelude to Crimps, Northwest Branch, MD (1 day)
Stanley Kubrick, Clear Creek Canyon, CO
Skeleton Key, Joe’s Valley, CO
Mirkwood low, RMNP, CO
Homestar, Black Hills, SD
Barbed Wire Moustache, RMNP, CO
Barbed Wire Beard, RMNP, CO
Pendragon, Rocklands, SA
Panama, Rocklands (flash)
Black Velvet, Rocklands (one day)
No Late Benders, Rocklands (2nd try)
Hooters Sit Start, Joe’s Valley
Unknown Seth Allred Problem, Joe’s Valley, UT
Mass Hysteria, Joe’s Valley, UT
The Ghost King, Joe’s Valley, UT (First Ascent)
Gentleman’s Project, Joe’s Valley, UT
Skull, Joe’s Valley, UT one day
Blowin’ in the Wind, Red Feather Lakes, CO FA
Get Over It Super Sit, Big Elk Meadows, CO
There Will Be Blood SDS, Flagstaff, CO, one day (V12) (second ascent)
Rumble in the Jungle, Hueco Tanks, TX (V12)
Litz Problem, Hueco Tanks, TX (started on Dirty Martini)
Tendonitis Traverse into Center Route, Morrison, CO
The Elegant Universe SDS, Eldorado Canyon
Whiskey Weed and Women, Joe’s Valley, UT (V12)
Nickness Right, Newlin Creek, First Ascent, one day
Canopener (after significant breakage), Poudre Canyon, CO First Ascent, one day
Blackie, Mt. Evans, CO one day
Omaha Stylee, RMNP, CO (V10)
Stinkbug Extra, RMNP, CO (V12) one day
Jared’s Roof, Castle Rocks, ID one day
Veritas Assis, RMNP, CO
Le Toit de Nanteau, Fontainebleau, FR one day
Atomic Playboy, Fontainbleau, FR one day
Neverland, Fontainbleau, FR
Les Beaux Quartiers, Fontainebleau, FR
Fata Morgan, Fontainebleau, FR one day
Ouzo, Fontainebleau, FR one day
Frogger, Brione, CH
Massive Attack, Magic Wood, CH one day (V12)
No Mystery, Chironico, CH one day (V12)
Souvenir, Chironico, CH (no pocket) (V11/12)
Teamwork, Chironico, CH one day
Serre Moi Forte, Chironico, CH one day (V11/12)
Petit Pas Tapen, Cresciano, CH
Unknown Riverside Boulder, Brione, CH
Marylin Monroe, Brione, CH
La Boule, Cresciano, CH one day
Future Spray, Dayton, TN one day
Crazy Craver, Dayton, TN one day
Vapor Lock, Dayton, TN (V13)
Mantis Assis, Zahnd, GA
Busted Shadow, Bradley, CT one day
Under the Big Top, Lincoln Woods, RI one day
Stand and Deliver, Pawtuckaway, NH
Halcyon, Pawtuckaway, NH
Satan’s Choice, Rumney, NH one day (V12)
Covert Methods, Red River Gorge, KY (V12)
AKR, Flagstaff, CO (V9)
Public Property, Poudre Canyon, CO
Andy Warhol, Red Feather Lakes, CO one day (V12)
The Chopper, Red Feather Lakes, CO one day
Riddle Solved, RMNP, CO
Salad Toss, Mt. Evans, CO
Eternia, RMNP, CO
Dead Racoon, RMNP, CO
The Product, Red Feather Lakes, one day
We Call Him Micheal, Joe’s Valley (left hand to the two finger pocket)
Man from the Past, Joe’s Valley, one day
Anger Management, Elevenmile Canyon, one day second ascent (V12)
Hardboiled, Boulder Canyon, CO
Anal Intruder #10, Hueco Tanks, TX
Chill Style, Elevenmile Canyon, CO one day (V12)
Single Stack, Arthur’s Rock, CO one day
Foreign Affairs, Red Feather Lakes, CO
The Borg, Vedauwoo, WY one day
Muddy Waters, CCC, CO first ascent
Glass and Silver, Mt. Evans, CO first ascent
Reternia, RMNP, CO
Golden Rows of Flows, RMNP, CO
Lucky Sharms, Squamish, BC (stepped off as Sharma did on the FA)
The Egg, Squamish, BC
Canopener Right, Poudre Canyon, CO
Picasso, Price Canyon, UT one day
Femalien, Triassic, UT one day
Skipper Left, RMNP, CO
The Gobot, RMNP, CO
Har Mar Superstar, Vedauwoo, WY
Martini on the Rocks, Hueco Tanks, TX (V12)
Castaway, Poudre Canyon, CO second ascent
Sunspot, RMNP, CO
L. El Jorge, RMNP, CO (V12)
The Fat Lady, RMNP, CO
L. Graham Arete, Boulder Canyon, CO second ascent
The Kind Traverse, RMNP, CO
The Bushpilot, RMNP, CO

Purple is not a Color, Mt. Evans, CO
Life Aquatic, RMNP, CO
Fully Shackled, Mt. Evans, CO
Jamie Emerson, Mt. Evans, CO
Sparrowhawk, Mt. Evans, CO FA
Unshackled, Mt. Evans, CO (flash)
Botslayer, Flagstaff, CO
Calndestine, Rye, CO FA
Nerve Extension, Joe’s Valley, UT
Mirkwood, RMNP, CO FA
Pinotage Sit, Rocklands (flash)
Paula Abdul, Rocklands (one day)
Harpoon, RMNP (one day) FA
Negro Negro, Triassic, UT (one day)
Prophet in a Ditch, Joe’s Valley, UT
Trent’s Mom, Joe’s Valley, UT
Provo Gluru, Joe’s Valley, UT
The Worm Turns, Joe’s Valley, UT (started with my right hand on the undercling)
The North Country Fair, Red Feather Lakes, CO
Oval Office, Red Feather Lakes, CO
Clubber Lang, Red Feather, CO (1 day) second ascent
There Will Be Blood, Flagstaff, CO (Flash)
Keepin’ up with the Joneses, Morrison, CO
Fire and Ice, Poudre Canyon, CO
Ice 8.5, Poudre Canyon, CO (second ascent) (V11)
Ice 9, Poudre Canyon, CO
Flower Power, Hueco Tanks, TX
Dead Serious, Hueco Tanks, TX
Theatre of the Absurd, Hueco Tanks, TX (full topout)
Scream, Hueco Tanks, TX (started on highest jug)
Wonderhole Dyno, Hueco Tanks, TX
Free Willy, Hueco Tanks, TX (left hand crimp, dyno to the top right hand)
Eden, Joe’s Valley, UT
Unknown Dyno Problem, Joe’s Valley, UT (no topout) 2nd try
Cage Free, Boulder Canyon, CO
Incognito Speedo, Poudre Canyon, CO First Ascent
Sing the Sorrow, Newlin Creek, CO First Ascent one day
B3P0, Newlin Creek, CO First Ascent one day
Purity Control, Millenium Boulder, CO
Jacques Cousteau, Newlin Creek, CO one day
The Ecstatic Truth, RMNP, CO First Ascent one day
Moon Arete, Horsetooth Reservoir, CO (V9)
Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves, Poudre Canyon, CO one day
The Hobbit, RMNP, CO First Ascent, one day
Finite Stink, RMNP, CO,
Lone Endeavors, RMNP, CO
Stinkbug Variation, RMNP, CO
Supplement de Armes assis, Fontainebleau, FR, one day
Les Doigts Verts, Chironico, CH, 2nd try
Salut au Toit, Chironico, CH
Piranja, Magic Wood, CH one day
Dr. Pinch, Chironico, CH one day (V12)
Grotte des Soupir, Cresciano, CH
The Wellsite Dyno, Hueco Tanks, TX 3rd try
Full Service, Hueco Tanks, TX
Mojo, Hueco Tanks, TX
Hot N Tot, HP40, AL
Honeycomb Roof, Dayton, TN
Instinct Low, LRC, TN one day
Biggie Shorty, LRC, TN one day
The White Face, LRC, TN
Harvest Moon Assis, Zahnd, GA
Gravity Hits, Lincoln Woods, RI one day
Hueco Nightmares, Lincoln Woods, RI one day
Corner the Market, Lincoln Woods, RI one day
Dome Piece, Pawtuckaway, NH one day
Ghetto Methods, Red River Gorge, KY
Twilight SDS, Poudre Canyon, CO
Cloudwalker, Poudre Canyon, CO
The Werewolf, RMNP, CO
Two Ton Tongue, RMNP, CO
Friday the 13th, RMNP, CO
Full Chaos, RMNP, CO one day
Mood Swings, Black Hills, SD Flash
THC, Horsetooth Reservoir, CO 2nd try
One Armed Scissor, Poudre Canyon, CO
Whispers of Wisdom, RMNP, CO
UCT to Bob’s Bulge, Flagstaff, CO
Resident Evil, Joe’s Valley, UT
The Moment of Truth, Joe’s Valley, UT
Freak Brothers II, Boulder Canyon, one day
Quigong, Eldorado Canyon, one day
The Nickness, Newlin Creek, one day (V11)
Animal, CCC, CO (before the rock was moved) one day
Cyto-Center, Morrison, CO one day
Center Route, Morrison, CO one day
Golden Harvest, Rocktown, GA one day
The Amendment, Boulder Canyon, CO (V11)
100% Beef, Vedauwoo, WY
Paper Cuts, Vedauwoo, WY, First Ascent (V9)
The Vice, Arthur’s Rock, CO
Weak Become Heroes, Vedauwoo, WY
Dark Waters Traverse, CCC, CO
Formula 50, CCC, CO
Future Development, RMNP, CO
Mudweiser, Carter Lake, CO
Silverback, Mt. Evans, CO
Gorillas in the Mist, Mt. Evans, CO
Public Execution, Mt. Evans, CO
Supernatural, Crested Butte, CO
Riddles in the Dark, RMNP, CO First Ascent (before break)
Triple Threat, RMNP, CO
Musashi, Leavenworth, WA one day
Beyond Life, Joe’s Valley, UT
Anatomy Act SDS, Joe’s Valley, UT one day (V11)
Scrawny and Brawny, Joe’s Valley, UT
Finger Hut, Joe’s Valley, UT
Feak, Joe’s Valley, Ut
Loaded With Power, Hueco Tanks, TX
Swiss Crisp Mix, Hueco Tanks, TX one day
El Chupacabra Left, Hueco Tanks, TX one day
Predator, Hueco Tanks, TX, one day
Slowdance, Happy Boulders, CA one day
No Tranquility, HP40, AL (V9)
Surface Tension, Boulder Canyon, CO
Want Egg, Eldorado Canyon, CO
606, Eldorado Canyon, CO
The Corpse, Skunk Canyon, CO
Reverse UCT-Full Cloud Shadow Traverse, Flagstaff, CO
Skipper Roof Right, RMNP, CO
The Marble, RMNP, CO
In Your Face Low, Pemberton, BC one day
Worm World Cave Low, Squamish, BC
One Zen, Squamish, BC one day
Sharma Link, Squamish, BC, one day
King Swing Low, Squamish, BC one day
The Backseat, Squamish, BC
Fleshfest, Flatirons, CO
The Elegant Universe, Eldorado Canyon, First Ascent
Mongolian Cosmonaut, Flagstaff, CO (V8)
Courting Doom, Poudre Canyon, CO
The Governator, Hueco Tanks, TX one day
The Hume Problem, Mt. Evans, CO second ascent
Fireball, RMNP, CO
Mental Pollution, Mt. Evans, CO second ascent
Shattered, Guanella Pass, CO First Ascent contrivance
Stars and Stripes, RMNP, CO
The Woman with a Hueco in Her Head, Hueco Tanks, TX Flash
Lonestar aka Stinkbug, RMNP, CO
Caddis, Boulder Canyon, CO (no top out)
Right Angry Man, Lumpy Ridge, CO
Rhino, CCC, CO
Get Over It, Big Elk Meadows, CO
Black Ice, Flatirons, CO
Shambhala Traverse, Red Feather Lakes, CO (stayed off the lip the entire way)
The Richter Scale, Flatirons, CO First Ascent
Canopener, Poudre Canyon, CO