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Wild Basin

Wild Basin

Posted on 15. Jun, 2017 by in News

Here’s a new map to some of the exploration that’s been done in Wild Basin since 1997. Updates will be added as necessary. Given its close proximity to Boulder I have found myself in the the woods there more than a few times.

The boulder in the photo was first discovered in 2002.

As usual, my goal is to find world class problems. There are thousands of boulders scattered in the woods and dumped from the sides of the massive mountains in Wild Basin. I will never see all of them. My hope is to share what I have found, and maybe find some more.

Wild Basin Map


3 Responses to “Wild Basin”

  1. Stephen

    15. Jun, 2017

    This is awesome. Thanks for making this Jamie!!

  2. Chad Volk

    15. Jun, 2017

    Wow! Thanks so much, Jamie!

  3. Jared Penrod

    06. Aug, 2017

    Nice! Thanks as always, Jamie!

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