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Climb Talk Radio 1190

Posted on 21. Apr, 2015 by in News

Recently I appeared on Climb Talk radio 1190 with Mike Brooks. We had a great talk, which included a number of topics including Ashimm’s swoop of the FFA of the Swarm, the use of performance enhancing drugs in climbing, pro climbers salaries, the “fake dream” of the climbing world and much more! Here is video from the show:

4 Responses to “Climb Talk Radio 1190”

  1. Peter Beal

    21. Apr, 2015

    What will you do when you’re 50? As someone who is 50 I can tell you’ll still want to go climbing as much as you can. But yes, many from that older era crashed and burned. John Gill became a math professor.

  2. Jesse

    29. Apr, 2015

    You mentioned in your interview that you don’t know who is taking performance enhancing drugs but you seemed pretty certain that it was happening. Would you mind explaining what makes you so certain? Do you have some evidence or is this based off of hearsay?

  3. B3

    30. Apr, 2015

    Sure, that’s a little vague. I know for a fact (absolutely 100% confirmed) several non-US climbers who have competed in the World Cup have used performance enhancing drugs. And I know for a fact that those climbers “learned it from others”. I first heard this two years ago and as I said I would be shocked if it hadn’t spread to America by now. Again, I don’t know of any US climbers who are confirmed users of PED.

  4. James

    30. Apr, 2015

    Finally Jamie, a person who is not afraid to speak honestly about a subject that for some reason most climbers are incredibly ignorant of.

    PED use in climbing has been going on for a number of years and their use will increase as climbing becomes more mainstream in sporting terms.

    I have heard pretty much every naive argument put forward for why climbers do not take PED but anybody willing to undertake a little research will see how laughable those arguments actually are.

    For example, the old classic that climbing is too technical a sport for PEDs to have any effect. A basic knowledge of sports science, or any other sport to be honest, will soon be able to put that one to rest.

    Or how about the one that climbers are somehow better people and wouldn’t do such things. Ladies and gentlemen, nice guys dope too :)

    How about the old taking steroids adds too much weight… Brother please.

    Add in nationalistic arguments and it is easy to see how people can bury their heads in the sand so much.

    I genuinely appreciate that you brought the topic up Jamie and hope that a mature discussion about the realities of our sport can finally take place.

    A good place for anyone to begin is by understanding the different categories of drugs and their uses e.g for oxygen carrying capacity, or pain tolerance, or recovery, or weight loss etc

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