New V13 for the Bear Lake Circuit

Posted on 28. Apr, 2014 by in News

Big props to Michael O’Rourke for establishing what is sure to become a classic to the Bear Lake Road Circuit in RMNP.

65f69124ca9d11e38b800002c99af75a_8 Photo of Diego Montull working the project, taken from O’Rourke’s Instagram.

The Phoenix V13 was born yesterday. It climbs a stunning arete on great rock just feet from the road. Climbers have looked at this overhang for years, and in fact I tried a line in the middle of the face around 2004. After breaking several holds I gave up, but new eyes (particularly David Graham, Chad Greedy and Diego Lopez Montull have gotten it properly cleaned and ready to go.) O’Rourke also added a nice V10 just to the right called The Donut Thief. It starts squatting, with a right hand on a nice flat rail and left hand on pinch. Top out straight up. A right exit remains undone. Great to see classic new additions from the younger generation. Well done!

Here is a link to directions.

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  1. sam Davis

    28. Apr, 2014

    sick. can’t wait

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