Update on local Colorado Bouldering areas

Posted on 17. Sep, 2013 by in News

Jimmy Webb visited Mt. Evans Area A yesterday and reports that despite some water on the trail, Area A is fine, open for access and climbable. It looks from the 8a.nu that Lincoln Lake is also climbable, although again that season will only be a couple more weeks at most. I drove through Clear Creek Canyon yesterday with no issues, although the water is way up and crossing the Clear Creek itself without the aid of a bridge would be impossible. Wild Basin, St. Vrain Canyon, Big Elk Meadows, Lumpy Ridge, Elkland, Emerald Lake, Chaos Canyon, The Poudre Canyon, Eldorado Canyon and Boulder Canyon all remain closed. Rumour has it that Boulder Canyon will be closed for around a month, and I would expect at least similar times for HWY 36 to Estes Park. I will continue to update B3 as I know more! Again, if you are interested in helping with the flood relief effort check out https://www.facebook.com/donateboulder.

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  1. Jon Moen

    17. Sep, 2013

    Flatirons and the rest of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks closed too. Check here https://bouldercolorado.gov/osmp/closures for updates.

  2. Tendon

    17. Sep, 2013

    Poudre Canyon climbing areas West of Rustic (majority of the bouldering zones) are open for business as usual…just drive through Red Feather and your good to go.

    Larimer County also claims the lower canyon will be open by the weekend.

    See you up there!

  3. Nate

    23. Sep, 2013

    Our favorite choss wonderland, Flagstaff Mtn, is closed as well. Lincoln is in perfect season, as are A/B/D

  4. anson

    01. Oct, 2013

    Yo Jamie! How is it going? Has anyone checked out the boulders in Boulder Canyon or is the canyon still closed?

  5. B3

    01. Oct, 2013

    Boulder Canyon is still closed and will be for some time. All of the updates are on CDOT’s webpage.

  6. NC

    02. Oct, 2013

    Anyone know if the closure of the Flatirons extends to the bouldering? Trails to the Satellites themselves are open.

  7. peter beal

    03. Oct, 2013

    The Satellites are apparently closed to bouldering

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