Ashima Shiraishi climbs The Automator V13

Posted on 27. Aug, 2013 by in News

Ashima Shiraishi has made the second female ascent of The Automator V13 in RMNP. Most impressively it was climbed in two quick days. This comes on the heels of Anna Stohr climbing two V13s in Rocklands, The Power of One and The Vice. Ashima also recently climbed One Summer In Pardise V13 in Magic Wood, CH. Tomoko Ogawa is the first women to climb V14, with her ascent of Catharsis at Shiobara, JPN, and Angie Payne made the FFA of The Automator in 2010. Well done, Ashima! Interesting to see what else she climbs on her visit. Jade and Ode to the Modern Man still are waiting a female ascent.


1289998_10151561354945598_1944798764_n Ashima Shiraishi, 12 years old, climbs The Automator. Photos courtesy of Paul Dusatko.

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