New Five Ten Blog Post

New Five Ten Blog Post

Posted on 23. May, 2013 by in News

I’ve written up a slightly more poetic piece for the Five Ten Blog that I would encourage you to check out by clicking on the link:

Additionally, I have a very exciting summer coming up. I will be traveling to Alaska to continue my efforts in developing the amazing bouldering at Hatcher Pass this summer, and from there I will head to the Grampians National Park in Australia, to develop boulders everywhere I can find them. I will be in OZ with Daniel Woods, Courtney Sanders, Beau Kahler, Dave Graham, Nalle Hukkataival and others and it looks to be an amazing trip. I am incredibly excited to have the chance to do this and it wouldn’t be possible with out the help of some amazing people and companies, including Jared Lavacque, an Anchorage local, and of course Josh Helke and his incredible company Organic.

It’s hard for me to get psyched about two places at the same time, so right now I am simply focusing on Alaska. My motivation for finding and climbing new rock is as strong as ever. There are a number of projects I left unfinished at Hatcher Pass and I hope to climb all of them, in addition to finding some new ones. Much of my efforts will be focused on a talus field that spills down the Fairangel Gulley and some boulders around the lakes above Fairangel Creek. I will also be focusing efforts on several massive talus fields near Reed Lakes, and as well a number of awesome projects near The Diamond, which is basically right off the road. And in case you’ve forgotten how many boulders sit waiting, these photos combined represent about 1/20th of the accessible rock that exists at Hatcher Pass. I can’t wait to share some photos. Video footage will follow! Psyched as always…

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  1. chris

    19. Jun, 2013

    I know that you’ve connected with Todd from Anchorage, but try to contact a buddy of mine. His name is David Funatake (an Anchorage local) and he’s one of the most psyched developers in the area. If possible, have him show you Byron Glacier not too far southeast of Anchorage.

    you can email me for his contact info



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