Dai’s Newest Project

Posted on 10. May, 2013 by in News

Click on the link to see one of the best unclimbed projects in the world? Woah…

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  1. ian

    10. May, 2013

    Holy Crap

  2. Robin

    10. May, 2013

    Sisu looks way more impressing to me…

    Nice video here : http://catalog.blackdiamondequipment.com/rockclimbing2012/en_eur/

  3. google translator

    10. May, 2013

    Super project!!!

    “I was working on super project of Mount Hiei finally from today.

    Oozing from the cracks running in the roof in good weather every day also died.
    Temperature is too high, but motivation is high on without losing it.

    Groundwork was in place the other day perfect.

    From the move to suppress the feeling that catch on first seems to be core, the solution immediately surprisingly!
    But, before and after bad, it took a little work out.
    After all, I was able to continue to try using the lantern, even after dark, to resolve all the main part of this project.
    Still, only the top half still, away long.

    This project, and really great.
    There is a saying best thing that thing, you always appear next, but I felt that that can now try the best project life exactly.

    I want to try the early move lower could not try today.

    Motivation is high, I want to pour all the energy to this project.”
    -Dai Koyamada

  4. pipo

    11. May, 2013

    Is this on the same roof?

    Can’t really tell much from google translate..
    Japanese geography remains a mystery to me.

  5. Adam M

    15. May, 2013

    Alright….that looks amazing.

    p.s. Google translator is the freakin’ hysterical. Try to not say the above paragraph is a thick japanese accent.

    Kick ass Dai!

  6. Max Krimmer

    26. May, 2013

    yeah it’s the same boulder, but i think the project goes out the other side…new photos on his blog here: http://koyamada.dai.hiho.jp/

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