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Sunday I returned to Neverland with Brian Capps. We met up with local developers Davin Bagdonas and Bryan VanSickle. It was so nice to get out as both school and the weather have kept me indoors virtually since spring break.
I’m very excited about the potential in Wyoming. There is rock all around the state, but in particular Neverland clearly holds the best rock and top notch projects close to Colorado. It’s a little over 3 hours from Boulder, but well worth the long drive. We left Boulder at 6:45 am and drove to Laramie to meet up with the crew. From there we sped north into the lonely Laramie Mountain Range. Both Davin and Bryan have devoted a lot of time in the past few years to developing this awesome place, and were happy to take us to some stellar projects. The rock here is awesome, and the potential for finding an incredible four star project exists (if they haven’t found it already)!

One project in particular had been in my mind for a while. I scoped it last year at the end of the day and this time I immediately set to work on it. After devising 4 fairly significant different betas I started to slowly eliminate options and work towards a solution. It was a great session, and we scrubbed some more near by projects as well. This project is not the best project I’ve seen in Neverland, but the rock is excellent, the holds are sick, and it’s a pure line with a flat landing. Very psyched to put some effort into it.

Project in the V11 range.

Having done all the moves I was content to move on, and we marched up the hill. I ran around and looked for more problems, and Capps repeated a Bagdonas V9 called The Solitude.

Capps sends The Solitude

I rested and returned to the project but failed to get the send as my skin and muscles had both begun to fail. Although a day trip is possible, it is a long day, and I hope to return for at least one weekend before it gets too warm. The weather in Wyoming can be fickle, so finding the right time to get good conditions for this one may prove difficult. Regardless, I will return.


We hiked out as some wild clouds danced across the open country side. Davin and Bryan graciously showed as an area with several more established hard problems and projects at the end of the day. If the weather stays cool and with school ending soon, I really hope to get back here and put up some of the amazing hard lines these guys have found, repeat the ones they have established and hunt for and find some of my own.
With the new sandstone the appears to be good near Casper, Wyoming is inching its way into the consciousness of America boulders. Very excited for what’s to come!


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  1. sammy d.

    07. May, 2013

    nice looking rock.

  2. Davin

    08. May, 2013

    Was a pleasure. Such good conditions that day.

    Here’s to the end of all that school work and onward to some quality boulders!

  3. austin

    09. Jun, 2013

    Is there any way to obtain some directions to the neverland?

  4. B3

    09. Jun, 2013

    Talk to Davin Bagdonas, he might be willing to share some of the things he’s found.

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