Climbers Against Cancer

Climbers Against Cancer

Posted on 08. Apr, 2013 by in News

It isn’t so often that climbers do something to step away from their own selfish desires to climb the next cool route, or sickest new boulder problem, but I wanted to bring to your attention a great organization the steps drastically away from that, called Climbers Against Cancer. I asked Shauna Coxsey, the 2012 British Boulder Champ in both lead and bouldering (not to mention multiple V12s including Riddles in the Park last summer here in Colorado), who is involved with the organization to tell you all a little bit about it.

Shauna Coxsey

1. What exactly is Climbers Against Cancer, and why are you involved? Climbers Against Cancer is a charity set up by one incredible individual and a good friend of mine John Ellison. There are two missions that CAC has. One is to raise money for cancer research facilities across the five nations to find the cure and the other is to raise awareness. I’m involved because I wanted to do anything I could to help and promote such an outstanding organisation.

2. Why should climbers help and what is the best way they can contribute? As climbers we are powerful as a group of people. We share the same passion. Okay, so maybe we differ in disciplines, views and opinions but one thing we share is the love for this sport. John saw the kindness, togetherness, the sense of community and the love in our sport and he decided to harness the good it can bring. All you need to do is get on to the CAC website ( and BUY A T-SHIRT. Join the CAC family!

3. Why is this cause so important? Simply because no one is immune to cancer. 1 in 3 people will get the disease and every single person reading will be effected either directly or indirectly.

4. What other pro climbers are involved with this? I think a better question would be what pro-climbers are not involved… Check out the photos on the website and facebook page!

Courtney Sanders and Daniel Woods
Thanks so much and I would encourage you to get yourself involved!

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