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Posted on 24. Feb, 2013 by in News

This weekend I had one day to get out and made the most of it. I had tried a new problem put up by Dave Graham last week called Afrika Bambaataa V12, just left of a new project he has put a number of days into. The new project is a very hard compression rig and I’d be surprised if Dave didn’t finish it up soon, adding another potential 8C to the growing list in Colorado. In regards to Afrika Bambaataa, Dave himself told me “when I did this problem I thought of you because it is totally your style”. I couldn’t have agreed more and I was psyched to have a new sick boulder to climb on. I did all the moves the first day and came back on Saturday to finish it off. Here is the uncut footage:

This weekend was also ABS Nationals. Big congrats to Daniel Woods and Alex Puccio for dominating the competition once again. I had originally planned on competing, but the roughly $200 that it would have cost me just wasn’t worth it. It was great to watch the footage online, especially after a cold day of climbing hard outside. Climbing media still has a long way to go for events like this, but it has also come so far. The first year I set ABS National was 2003, and I set every year from then until 2010. In the beginning it was a struggle just to get someone to film the event in some kind of professional way, and it’s awesome to see that advance. I was happy to have the live feed to be able to tune in.

As I get older I don’t always have time to travel to remote corners of the world, or be at the newest, best areas in the perfect conditions. Not that I don’t want to, or that I am not making plans on doing so, I am, I just have other responsibilities which right now have to take precedence. School, which I really enjoy, has become a big priority, as has working. But I love climbing, and I am committed to making time to get out and send these amazing boulders. I’ve really been enjoying the time I’ve spent bouldering lately, and happy to have quality problems close to home to go try.

Long’s Peak, the highest point in RMNP from high above Elkland

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  1. chunt

    26. Feb, 2013

    Why do you have a wet ass?

  2. Jake

    04. Mar, 2013

    Very cool problem, nice job Jamie! Yeah those life responsibilities definatly cut down climb time.

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