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Posted on 13. Feb, 2013 by in News

With time at premium once again as my Calc III class swings into full gear, I raced out of work today and headed up to a “project” I’ve tried off and on for a year or so, Carefully By Hand V12, at Elkland. I watched Daniel Woods climb the FA a year or so ago and have wanted to climb it since. I had tried it one day last week, and today conditions were perfect and I climbed it quickly. I probably spent 6 days in total and it’s been a while since I’ve climbed an established V12. Here’s the footage:

I went by myself, and as I often (but not always) do, I brought a camera to get the uncut footage. Much has been made about such footage (often on this site or the Climbing Narc’s) but my reasons for filming my ascents are a few. Here are some that come to mind: First of all, I simply like documenting that I climbed the problem for myself. That is to say, if it’s possible for me to have evidence of my ascent I’d like to have that. I like demonstrating that I’ve done what I say I’ve done, without question. Again, this is a personal choice and it’s not to say that those without uncut footage didn’t climb what they say they’ve climbed. Even if I were the last person on earth I would still film my ascents. Secondly, I enjoy contributing and sharing to the growing number of free internet climbing videos so that others may enjoy seeing new problems and watch them get climbed. I’ve certainly watched many of free videos out there and I am thankful that such videos exist. I also film because I simply enjoy sharing my motivation and love for climbing. And finally, I can use the video to analyze strengths and weakness in my own climbing. It never ceases to amazing me how many errors I can find in my own climbing, even when I make an ascent. Recognizing these errors is the foundation for personal improvement, and so the camera becomes another tooled I utilize to help my own technical progression in rock climbing. Regardless of the reasons for my filming or your watching, I hope you enjoy seeing the problem.

12 Responses to “Elkland”

  1. hayden

    13. Feb, 2013

    to summarize:
    point 1: demonstrate
    point 2: contribute
    point 3: learn

    only point 2 supports putting a video on the internet. if many videos of many betas already exist then point 2 is negated. i often feel that many free, self-published videos are very narcissistic since the method has already been well demonstrated. how does one justify publishing the video of the n-th ascent of a climb when the n-1 ascent already showed
    it well?

  2. B3

    13. Feb, 2013

    I’d like to see many climbers climb the same problem as there are typically many methods to each problem, or to learn that different climbers climb the problem in the same way.

  3. B3

    13. Feb, 2013

    Also, since I am a sponsored athlete and the support I get from Organic and Five Ten really helps, it’s nice I can use the video to help promote their products.

  4. Matt

    13. Feb, 2013

    Well done Jamie. Personally, I very much enjoy free, self published climbing content. After reading Hayden’s comment I initially felt compelled to address his “justification” jab, but that is probably better left to someone who charges by the hour.

    Keep the videos and the sends coming.

  5. Aaron S

    13. Feb, 2013

    On top of these reasons, I like climbing videos (especially of friends and acquaintances) because I like to see people I know having success. It’s fun to live vicariously through other peoples excitement and sends. From my own experience every video put up on dpm gets 1.5 k or more hits almost automatically. There are obviously other people out there that enjoy watching the videos, so it’s not -only- narcissistic.

    Also, multiple videos of a problem are good cuz half of them end up being garbage anyway.

  6. Andy Mann

    13. Feb, 2013

    Nice one JE. I love the delicate Buddha belly – rub it down – sloper stab at the 1:00 mark. Sweet.

  7. Aaron S

    13. Feb, 2013

    Oh, and that wasn’t an underhanded comment on the “garbage” videos. I usually like single angle shots the best. Garbage videos include low res, poor lighting, angle changes with missing hand/foot movements, closeups without the full body shown, etc.

  8. DK

    13. Feb, 2013

    Every ascent is a unique experience, and as a huge fan of rock climbing in all its forms I love videos that capture those experiences. That is something I can always get inspiration and entertainment from, no matter how many other videos there are of the climb.

    Thanks for sharing, Jamie.

  9. Efscott Fistgerald

    15. Feb, 2013

    I concur with Mr. Emerson aka the sherriff in that it is quintesential to have video evidence or your ascents to prove to yourself that you do indeed climb and can rock climb in extreme flora environments with the birds and the woods and the animals such as squerials and beers. The importance is to prove that whilst rock climbing you show that you did in fact do the rock climb and not just claim it because we need to set up a serious example for the children that rock climbing is serious and should be taken seriously because when seriously rock climbing you need to be taken serious and the evidence held inside the camera will capture your struggle to sucseed whilst in the mountain and whilst sweating in the sand. The video helps: “only in uncut video is it seen that you actually can climb the climb it is important to show such things to people because if you tell people you “enjoy climbing and have no video no one will think that you a serious and beleive the ascent”. I enjoy watching my own videos while after the hard day of climbing because it proves to me and my aunt that i went out and climbed difficult cutting edge things. I do not let my aunt know what grade it was because i beleive to be brave and humble while facing the public about my cutting edge ascents. The best benefit about the beneficial rock climb video is that i can put on some barry white and just caress the shaft and tests until i reach a moment where i then can shower myself in scented honey that brings me into another dream like place that is extremely good. I recomend that anyone do this when watching themselves rock climb invite some friends and have a cirlce of dutch ruddering because it would be swell. Dont forget the condiments to pour on each other.

  10. kevin murphy

    16. Feb, 2013

    fscott fitz, you are a genuis.

  11. climbnskate

    18. Feb, 2013

    I don’t mind uncut but I would really like it if you used different angles and close ups on holds of your attempts so I can get a better feel for the problem. Those are the videos that really get me hyped to go climb on that problem. Show some falls on the crux move so I can feel how difficult it was not just you telling me with a grade. I am guilty of making videos the same way because it’s easier but I really appreciate when someone takes the time to make a better video.

  12. climbnskate

    18. Feb, 2013

    P.s. Good job on the send i will watch either way.

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