Moraine Park

Moraine Park

Posted on 28. Jan, 2013 by in News

Sunday I went to Moraine Park, which partially burned in a forest fire this fall and winter. There were a number of known projects I wanted to check out, a number of boulders with potential projects I wanted to look at, and several established boulders I wanted to put some more effort into. At the top of the list was Both Sides of the Spectrum V12 FA Harry Robertson, one of the best problems in RMNP, if not Colorado.

I warmed up by trying Dave’s Problem V9, on a large boulder in the heart of the cluster. It was nice to finish this one off, since I had seen Mr. Graham climb the FA back in 2003. That summer on a rainy day I took him, James Litz and Dave Hume back there to check out The Karma Project, which later become Both Sides of the Spectrum. The technical problem that Dave established that day is great problem and I am surprised it gets so little attention. And speaking of Dave Hume, he apparently went back to establish several difficult problems in the area, but it’s been difficult to ascertain which ones they were, in I believe 2004-2005.

Conditions were excellent and I tried Both Sides of the Spectrum, but split my tip on the sloper somehow after just a few attempts. It was a bit disheartening but I did hike around and found a number of great projects.

There were also a number of boulders which were destroyed from the heat of the fire, evidence of the damage that heat can do to rock
This boulder is at least 13ft tall at the lip and would have been an awesome project.

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