The Horn

The Horn

Posted on 16. Nov, 2012 by in News

Pete Lowe has made the FA of an incredible new problem in central Utah. Under Heaven is most likely in the V12 range, and is probably one of the best of its difficulty in America. In fact it was the best hard project I knew of in the States. Kudos to Pete for once again establishing an incredible new first ascent! A number of climbers have established problems at this remote and beautiful area over the years including Noah Bigwood, Eric Decaria, Jerry Moffat, Mike Auldridge, etc. The problem is at an area called The Horn, deep in the Henry Mountains.

Sam Tingey works Under Heaven when it was still a project. Photo from

For more info on the area, here is a blog post from DPM written by Abbey Smith, and here is the link to mountain

9 Responses to “The Horn”

  1. Wes Walker

    16. Nov, 2012

    so dope looking!

  2. Justin Roth

    17. Nov, 2012

    I want to go to there.

  3. cardboard_dog

    17. Nov, 2012

    STFU fail. He coulda been a contenda.

  4. Pick of Destiny

    18. Nov, 2012

    How do you weight the rankings of ‘the best hard project you know of in the states’? Maybe its the remoteness of the project, or the just-doable movements combined. Its a pretty bold statement considering that you didn’t justify it with any descriptions or history. The best project is different than the best problem. To me, the best project is one that carries longevity and has fun historical stories created within the process. This looks more like a world class problem that depends on the willingness of spotters. ‘Spending travel-time to try it/go there” doesn’t seem worth it if your a non-local climber, or if your a climber who wants to go to developed world-class areas…

  5. B3

    19. Nov, 2012

    I didn’t say it was the best, just the best one that I knew of.

  6. malamutepants

    20. Dec, 2012

    “and is probably one of the best of its difficulty in America. In fact it was the best ”

    do you speak english?

  7. me

    20. Dec, 2012

    It’s pretty much the best of the best… possibly better even.

  8. DerHornnenshizzle

    20. Dec, 2012

    Ho Man! The rock is choss, Tingy is an Ol’ Washed-up Sparkle Jockey, and the road in is death on a washboard! Stay away! Doomcrag USA!

  9. Mainer

    23. Dec, 2012

    Is this website done? Long time with no posts…sucks! I miss my regular reading.

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