Matty Hong video

Matty Hong video

Posted on 29. Oct, 2012 by in News

Since I began working at Movement, I’ve become friends with Boulder local Matty Hong. Matty is the son of legendary climber Steve Hong, and although he has some big shoes to fill, so far he has done so nicely. Matty’s understated persona makes it easy to forget that he has climbed 5.14d and V15, making him one of the best climbers in the US. Recently, he put together an excellent video for The Island. This kind of thoughtful, creative and subtle movie is exactly the kind of thing that has been missing from American climbing media, and it is the kind of thing I hope to see more of on the Island. Great work by he and Jon Cardwell.

Check out the video here.

I have been getting out a bunch lately, and I hope to have a write up this week finished about some recent travels to Wyoming, and the development of the incredible new bouldering in the Lander area!

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