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White Noise 8C FA Daniel Woods

Posted on 19. Sep, 2012 by in News

Daniel Woods, fresh off a send of Wyoming’s hardest route, Moonshine 9a at Wild Iris, has made the FA of the White Boulder Project in Wild Basin, in RMNP. This is estimated to be 8C and the name is rumored to be White Noise. It is a classic line of traversing flat holds up a monstrous boulder. A power endurance test piece for the the new generation. Well done! Daniel has left his mark once more on Colorado bouldering.

9 Responses to “White Noise 8C FA Daniel Woods”

  1. davin

    19. Sep, 2012

    And maybe Wyoming’s hardest boulder problem on the next visit?

    Always impressive!

  2. matt

    19. Sep, 2012

    I like that name. I think White Noise is what you hear on long boulder problems. All other sounds just get drowned out.

  3. chorvat

    19. Sep, 2012


    So Davin, what currently is the hardest boulder problem in WY? The Brazilian sit (another BJ fa)? Other?

    @ Jamie: Looking forward to the WY post from the weekend!

  4. davin

    19. Sep, 2012

    For Wyoming it would be Brazilian sit by BJ, Lord of The Forest put up by Mr. Guili Zavaschi, or one of Kerrek Stinson’s rigs up in Cody on the sandstone. All are considered V12ish.

    Lots of others come in at hard V11, could actually be harder than that, thus contenders too. Will take some strong visitors to sort it all out.

    Woods would probably up the game here in a day for sure. Like I said, impressive!

  5. Mike

    20. Sep, 2012

    The Grim Ripper AKA Dope as Chrome in Cody is a Kerrek Stinson FA that is V13 (8B). It may not be the hardest problem in Wyoming but it is harder than the Brazilian from the lowest start.

  6. Guillaume

    20. Sep, 2012

    Fan of Don DeLillo book?

  7. davin

    20. Sep, 2012

    Mike, thanks for that info. Dope is Chrome is for sure the hardest in Wyo at this point. That’s the one that has not been down graded like others (Had thought it was on the DG, but it is solid). Some of Kerrek’s other problems up there are hard as hell too.

    Cody would be the place to get the highest quantity of hard stuff at this point. Lander area is quickly catching up.

  8. climbhighco

    23. Sep, 2012

    heard Daniel just did 8b in devils kitchen!

  9. Jesse

    13. Oct, 2012

    Hey Jamie, do you have info about a problem called “Come to the Altar” near Cimmaron, CO? FA by Justin Stirrett. Possibly v14. Sorry, I wasn’t sure where to post this. Thanks for your help. I’m just curious because Justin is coaching me now and I’m starting to realize he is an old school crusher

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