New Hueco Tanks Book

Posted on 10. Sep, 2012 by in News

Sam Davis, who is a very dedicated boulderer and a friend of mine, has spent much time in Hueco Tanks, TX. He has produced a beautiful coffee table-style book with gorgeous photographs of the Historical Park and the surrounding area, capturing the beauty and essence of the place from the perspective of a climber. Anyone who has spent time bouldering or climbing in the west Texas desert can appreciate such an effort on Sam’s part. Here is a link to where you can order the book!

8 Responses to “New Hueco Tanks Book”

  1. William

    10. Sep, 2012

    Im sure it’s a decent book, but $58 bucks plus shipping….
    Let’s move these things from paper to the web and do everyone a favor. $5 App anyone? At the rate of development everyone can update and add free info to a community site. Always changing, always up to date with actual comments from many different climbers besides 1 person or a small group. By the time paper versions are printed they are usually outdated.

  2. lorax

    10. Sep, 2012

    wrong above

  3. Jon

    10. Sep, 2012

    I love a printed photo! Clearly Sam decided to create something more aesthetic and meaningful than digital impermanence.

    There are plenty of climbing photos and places to see them online. I love seeing the photos but I never remember them like I do with a print.

  4. sammy d.

    11. Sep, 2012

    $58’s for the hard cover. The soft cover version is $46 and there is also a $6 ebook version for ipads since I knew that print copies might be too much for some people. I really tried to capture the essence of the hueco experience in pages of the book.

  5. B3

    11. Sep, 2012

    Thanks for the information Sam. Your photos are beautiful and as someone who has spent a number of months in Hueco myself, you really capture the spirit of the place! Congrats on a job well done.

  6. Praxeology

    11. Sep, 2012

    Will…if you don’t like the price, don’t buy it. The author obviously wanted to create a nice, visual guide and it’s looks to me as if he has suceeded. I will more that likely buy a copy, he did in fact do me a favor my creating this. sorry it’s not for you, but some of us enjoy having something like this on the coffee table…nice conversation piece.

  7. Aaron S

    11. Sep, 2012

    To expand on lorax’s comment, I think William misunderstood what this book is (and also did not go to the website to look at it). My understanding is he thought it is a -guidebook- as opposed to more of a work of art (or presentation of such). Easy mistake, but perhaps it makes him look a little condescending in his comment.

  8. William

    11. Sep, 2012

    I did make a mistake in thinking it was another guide. And should have gone to the site to check it out, my bad! A work of art like a coffee table book is a nice addition. My comment was fueled at the rising cost of printed guidebooks when basically everything we do is computer based. Although, I do have to give credit to some of the new guides that are setting a new standard….ie the new Red Rocks guide by Tom M.

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