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Posted on 24. Aug, 2012 by in News

I haven’t had the chance to visit Upper Upper Chaos in over a month, but the development continued while I was away. Right before school finished Collin Horvat, who has been a great friend and loyal climbing partner over the last few years, added one of the best problems in all of Chaos Canyon, The Da Vince Machine V10. Paul Dusatko was on hand to film the FA. Check it out:

It’s great to see Collin really step up his game. He is one of the most determined and fit hikers out there and we’ve bushwhacked for hours on the hunt for new rock. His continual motivation and perpetually positive attitude make him a great climber to boulder with. I am looking forward to getting back to all of the amazing projects up there as soon as possible. The development this year in this sector has been great, with The Da Vince Machine V10, Lonely Mountain V9, The Shining V13, Wet Rabbit V10, and Roundhouse V10 all of which are some of the best problems in the canyon. It’s motivating there is still so much to be done and the rock in Chaos is some of the best in Colorado. Very psyched on all of the new boulders.

Secondly, there is so much going on in South Africa it’s probably easier to talk about who isn’t there and what they haven’t done. The bouldering there might be the best in the world. Cam Maier has been posting some great videos on the Island website of Dave and Nalle. Awesome to see some of the best climbers in the world bouldering on some of the best stone in the world. Congrats to Daniel Woods for repeating Monkey Wedding V15. I know that one has been stewing in his mind for years.

Also, I wrote up a little post for the Fiveten blog. It is a far cry from my normal writing on B3 but I was bored and I thought it would be fun to mix it up a little. Click here to read from the dark side of B3 (que: scary music…)

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  1. Wes Walker

    24. Aug, 2012

    Thanks for sharing Jamie, and thanks for always making an effort to keep the information flowing to the masses! you da man.

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