Friendly Reminder

Posted on 02. Jul, 2012 by in News

I would just like to remind everyone that as alpine season kicks into full gear, please take the extra effort to take care of the places where we spend our time. If you see trash, pick it up. Mt. Evans and RMNP are both delicate environments and we should do everything we can to ensure a long future of bouldering there. I know tourists litter and I know that other people do things far more offensive than climbers, but that doesn’t justify bad behavior. Let’s be the best we can be this summer. Here are few friendly reminders of some of the issues that have come up in the past, from so old posts:


The Hike

2 Responses to “Friendly Reminder”

  1. Andrew

    02. Jul, 2012

    The trash at Lincoln is absurd. Why are people leaving coffee cups, general rubbish and toys around the blocks? I try to hike out a bag every time I am there, but fear this could be a losing battle.

  2. Chris

    03. Jul, 2012

    No kidding – it takes a real moron to leave their trash ANYWHERE but let’s take particular care of these unspoiled alpine areas. WTF is wrong with people? Take ALL of your trash home with you.

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