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Jimmy Webb climbs Warrior Up at Lincoln Lake

Posted on 30. Jun, 2012 by in News

Jimmy Webb has made the 3rd ascent of Warrior Up V15 at Lincoln Lake, in what must have been less than ideal conditions, as the heat continues here in Boulder.Daniel Woods has the FA and Dave Graham has the second ascent. Jimmy has quietly racked up one of the most impressive tick lists in America in the last few years. He has suggested the problem to be V14. Although Jimmy is a quiet and polite young man from the South, he has not one to be shy about downgrading things, and I appreciate his willingness to stand by his opinions.
This spring Webb visited Fontainebleau for just a short trip and had one of the most impressive 6 days of climbing anyone has probably ever had in the forest. He did two V14s, The Island and Kheops Assis, two V13s Gecko Assis (which he downgraded from V14) Ubik Assis, and Gourmandise V12.
Jimmy has also made a number of contributions to the South, including Tall Tee V13 (however this line is unrepeated and shut down Daniel Woods). Here is video of an amazing new roof Jimmy climbed recently.

One Response to “Jimmy Webb climbs Warrior Up at Lincoln Lake”

  1. Adam M

    03. Jul, 2012

    Oh f#*kin A right. You can just find sandstone roofs like that around the woods? Damn man, that’s some sick beta. Great line.
    Oh everybody, J Webb is a freakin beast. Sorry for the language. Psyched.

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