Organic Climbing

Organic Climbing

Posted on 18. May, 2012 by in Updates

As many of you who follow B3 know, I have been sponsored by Organic Climbing for at least 7 years, almost as long as the company has been around. When they began making pads they were a very small company based in Laramie, WY. I thought Josh Helke, the proprietor, was really on to something with his idea of custom pads, made with bold colors, of the highest quality, hand sewn in America. At the time, I think I knew everyone who owned one of his fabulous pads. Now those pads are in nearly every bouldering photo you see, proudly advertising Josh’s achievement. I still think they are the best pads on the market, and I know many Organic owners are very proud of their unique pads (not to mention their fabulously sturdy and boldy colorful climbing packs, chalk bags, and comfortable shirts. Supporting a company like this is very important to me, because I feel it is one way I can give back to this sport I love so dearly. Over the years Josh has been extremely generous in helping me do what I do. I wouldn’t endorse a product I didn’t fully support, and Organic makes it easy to do so. I just got a new shipment from Josh. Check it out! I am most excited about my new pack, which has some awesomely bold colors, a beefy zipper, and a nice inner pocket, perfect for storing my iPhone, my wallet and keys. Organic is still a small company, founded on values I can appreciate: hard work, attention to detail, passion for the sport, and humility. If you’re looking for a new pad, a new pack, or just some comfy climbing clothing, I recommend Organic! And in case you’re wondering, pie beats cake.

5 Responses to “Organic Climbing”

  1. Michael Rathke

    18. May, 2012

    Jamie will you sponsor me with your old pads?

  2. Michael Rathke

    19. May, 2012

    I can be such a weezle, hey I dont need your old pads Jamie. It was great climbing with you last week!

  3. Jabroni

    22. May, 2012

    Wonder how many mats you’ve helped sell? Your website gets a bit of traffic so I guess it’d be quite a reasonable number. Josh should give you a big hug next time he sees you.

    (they are damn good mats too of course)

  4. slabdyno

    30. May, 2012

    what doesn’t fit in this picture…

  5. B3

    01. Jun, 2012

    Just to be clear, there was a fake comment posted by “Paul Dusatko”. Paul is a supporter of B3 and Organic! Sorry about the confusion.

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