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Posted on 07. May, 2012 by in Updates

There is a recent comment posted I would like to bring it to the forefront. Jim Belcer, long-time Estes local, and dedicated climber and RMNP bouldering developer writes this:

I didnt quite know where to put this. All comments on your guidebook seem to be dated. Great job on your book! Excellent and super well done. On prompting from Bronson and my fiancee, Kate, I wanted to point something out. Ian Glas did the first ascent of Large and I managed the first on Real Large. We showed the block to Hank(Frank) at least a year later. I’m not one to care about this stuff but they are such great problems. Credit where credit is due kind of thing. Im starting to climb again after a long layoff from a knee injury and having a great time. Hope to see toyon the Park this summer. Cheers.

Thanks for the kind words. I have always been committed to providing the most accurate information possible. I can’t thank Jim enough for posting here and providing the correct information on these problems! If I have a chance to make a correction in a newer addition I most certainly will. Jim, it’s great to hear you’re climbing again and thanks again for the info. I’d be happy to hear more and to climb with you again (it’s been years!).

I am headed home this week, and looking forward to a trip to Grand Ledge, my old stomping grounds. Upon my return I will be certain to make it out to Wild Basin, and provide a full report on the significant new bouldering there established once again by Dave Graham, who is now off to Australia, South Africa and Europe.

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