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Posted on 28. Apr, 2012 by in News

Tonight I will be on radio 1190 in Boulder for Climbtalk, with Mike Brooks, Peter Beal and Dave McCallister. I have a good rapport with all three, and it should be a good time. Listen in here.

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  1. Todd

    30. Apr, 2012

    What Time?

  2. Michael Rathke

    01. May, 2012

    Interview With Michael Rathke 4/30/2012

    I: Michael what would you say helps the most with climbing?

    M: Feeling peaceful, not being confused nor holding your breath

    I: Anything else? Those are good answers but can you just say some more things that you like to do for better climbing

    M: Being kind to other climbers because they can also give you peace while climbing with them. Among other things like a good diet include, carbo loading and not eating bleached (white) sugar which is a main ingredient in many processed foods with nasty preservatives/chemicals. Also not drinking city water because that has chlorine, & fluoride which are some of the most toxic chemicals known to man!
    Not doing high ball climbing because getting hurt can really damage your climbing ability (being safe). Top roping for endurance is important so you can stay fit and not have a ton of weight while trying to pull yourself off the ground on super difficult problems that should take failure in order to complete.

    I: Mike what do you think about new age climbers vs old age climbers

    M: Unfortunately some of the old timers tend to be more cocky, argumentative, and have a bad attitude towards us new age climbers. However not all old age climbers have this bad attitude and act like we have bad ethics because we have a blog and have people interested in the stuff we do while resting. so thats fun because the old timers can remain humble also. I just think some of the old timers should remain humble themselves vs thinking others are being cocky and need to be humble.

    I: Thats a good answer. So what do you think is the most important part of being a good climber?

    M: For me, trusting in the Lord. I simply can’t relax nor do I have anything to listen to that is telling me things unless I actually do what I hear.

    I: So Mike would you say you hear voices?

    M: Kind of, but I receive it with thanks and the voice is always right when I obey so it must be from God because the things God tells me are things that are right and I could not ever possibly know.

    I: Wow, thats really cool that what you hear is always right

    M: yeah and I enjoy listening because it pays off a lot with many things…Everyone hears Gods voice, even sinners.

    I: Huh, yeah I can relate to that but I usually don’t pay attention to those voices and I wish I did later.

    Mike: Yeah I used to not listen to them and I would be upset afterwards too.

    I: Well it was nice chatting with you Mike

    M: Thanks Chris

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