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New V14 at the Nicky’s Boulders

Posted on 30. Jan, 2012 by in News

Daniel Woods has made the FA of a sick new V14 called Mind to Motion at the Nicky’s Boulders, just outside of Estes Park, CO. The problem was found and cleaned by Dave Graham, but left open as he is in Hueco Tanks. Daniel put a few days of work into this one, and it climbs awesome opposing flat edges to a difficult move over a very bad landing to finish. I spotted Daniel on his first day of attempts on the project and I was scared, holding his shirt in a vain attempt to pull him back over the leg-breaking rocks. I’m not sure if one could reasonably pad this and it’s great effort on Daniel’s part. Together Dave and Daniel have done more, far more, than anyone else in the last ten years for hard climbing in Colorado and both of their efforts are to be commended. The last photo in this post shows DG giving an attempt on the new line. Well done!

9 Responses to “New V14 at the Nicky’s Boulders”

  1. jabroni

    05. Feb, 2012

    I expected to read something about Nalle’s V14 FA and ascent of Gecko Assis in a day!

    You must be out bouldering somewhere I guess…

  2. slabdyno

    06. Feb, 2012


  3. Jim Belcer

    07. Feb, 2012

    Hello Jamie. I hope you are well. New v14 is awesome problem Dean Potter and I found around 15 yrs ago. Way to hard for us. What I’m interested in is the “easy” v10. Where is it, up there? I don’t know if the new developers have checked out the saddle to the right of Window Rock. Awesome problems and awesome potential. The Houseboys problem looks cool, i don’t know where it is

  4. adam strong

    08. Feb, 2012


  5. nwclimber

    14. Feb, 2012

    Not the right place I know but looked at your v10 project page and musashi in Leavenworth, WA is not v10. I know it was originally graded v11, then dropped to 10 (maybe when you were there) but now everyone agrees it is a 9, and I would say a pretty good one at that.

  6. B3

    14. Feb, 2012

    Thanks, I thought I had taken that off of there. When I visited it was in the guide as V11/12, so I thought was being stout by calling it a 10. I’d like to visit Washington again someday, but I don’t know when.

  7. nwclimber

    15. Feb, 2012

    I also guess you said Leavenworth was a disappointment because people told you it was almost as good as Font. Otherwise you just did not see and try the correct things to think of it as a disappointing place. Also, Gold Bar is as good as everyone says, maybe even better. Finally, Index has a few problems but some of them may be the best in the state at their grades.

  8. B3

    15. Feb, 2012

    I was told Leavenworth was better than Hueco, which was not accurate in my opinion. I wasn’t super excited about the rock quality there, I found it to be a bit grainy when compared to Squamish, Yosemite and definitely to Swiss. and it seemed like a number of problems were pretty short. It was hot and that may have affected my opinion. I think I saw most of the established problems, and the guide book author gave me a gracious tour. That being said it is a beautiful place and I would like to go back. I hope my opinion doesn’t affect your ability to have fun at an area. I’ve had a lot of fun at Morrison, CO and it is utterly terrible there. I would never recommend that someone go there, but I could understand if someone wanted to and I myself have gone there a number of times.
    Also, I haven’t been to Gold Bar and everyone seems to rave about that place so I’d like to visit sometime as well.

  9. B3

    15. Feb, 2012

    I guess what I mean to say is that even if I hated Leavenworth, which by no means I did, doesn’t mean its a bad bouldering area. I’m fickle and hard to please. and I am just one climber giving his opinion. A lot of people don’t like RMNP and are vocal about it, however it is my favorite bouldering area in the world. to each his own.

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