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Ty Landman in HP40

Posted on 19. Jan, 2012 by in News

In a bit a news that would have probably gone unreported, Ty Landman has made the first flash ascent of the classic V11 in HP40 God Module. God Module is a near perfect overhang of sandstone that is very atypical for the south. The first move is the crux, and it involves a very difficult pull on, followed by a hard move to a good edge. Three powerful moves lead to a rounded finish jug. An impressive feat for sure. The problem still awaits a first female ascent.

Here Daniel Woods demonstrates a proper ascent, in the rain no less:

Daniel Woods Climbing God Module in the Rain from DPM CLIMBING on Vimeo.

9 Responses to “Ty Landman in HP40”

  1. TheDanDan

    20. Jan, 2012

    Impressive, and good to hear some news about Ty. Is there anywhere we can keep ourselves updated on his exploits, or is he staying completely under the radar?

  2. B3

    20. Jan, 2012

    Ty just sent me a text letting me know how psyched he was on the South.

  3. Blake B.

    21. Jan, 2012

    Nice work Ty! While the problem is some what straight forward, that is a VERY impressive flash non the less. Good to see Ty is still out psyched and climbing hard

  4. Michael Rathke

    21. Jan, 2012


  5. Smokey Joe

    22. Jan, 2012

    No female ascent???? Strange……. you would think that the girl gym rats would be all over such a crimp line at the sloper heaven

  6. AB

    22. Jan, 2012

    Hopefully Ty will give Genetic some goes

  7. RCP

    23. Jan, 2012

    he did it the same day as god module. strongmo.

  8. Joe

    24. Jan, 2012

    didn’t steven jeffery flash that years ago?

  9. Zach

    25. Jan, 2012

    He did. This is prob the 2nd flash. Still cool!

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