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Ondra Interview

Posted on 13. Jan, 2012 by in News

Here is a link to great “interview” from Adam Ondra in which he provides detailed explanations to routes he has tried and failed on. Ondra isn’t the only climber who has done this, but so often in today’s media saturated environment, top climbers shy away from their failures and make an effort to pump up their successes, given the ease with which they can manipulate their efforts through text on the internet. Many who follow this site are probably also familiar with the myriad of heroic claims made in the comments on sites like or 27crags e.g 5 minutes, so EZ for me, etc etc. After a perusal of scorecards on 8a, you might tend to think no one has ever struggled to climb anything. Blogs give climbers a better opportunity to express themselves, but again it is much less common to hear such detailed descriptions about a top climbers failure. No one in climbing succeeds without failure, and often times climbers fail far more than they succeed, particularly the ones who are trying hard. It’s both humbling and inspiring to hear the best climber in the world speak so candidly about the things he aspires to but has not yet achieved.

2 Responses to “Ondra Interview”

  1. m

    13. Jan, 2012

    as pointed out in one of the most remarkable videos of last year: “you probably gonna fail before you actually do something..” and yes, you fail much more than you succeed.
    the fact is that we are so accustomed to ondra succeeding everywhere and on everything, that it’s much more interesting to read about something he can’t or couldn’t do. shifting the kind of narrative it’s good from time to time, especially when success stars to get boring..

  2. big poppa chosscrush

    17. Jan, 2012

    i love it when folks discuss what lines they’ve struggled with, especially when those lines fall in grade realms below their limits. it’s a more realistic portreyal of the sport to up-and-comers and me.

    believing the media that everyone goes to an area and decimates every line all day long for every day of a trip can crush the psych of climbers who cannot achieve this impossible level of output.

    hearing that a climber crushed the hard rig, but was too gassed or didn’t lock down the beta funk for something easier provides important perspective and teaches that great climbers are not those who never fail, but the ones that persevere.

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