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Posted on 05. Jan, 2012 by in News

In the past few months I have taken a few steps towards making B3bouldering a small source of additional income and I wanted to be forthright about some of the changes that are about to take place. In no way will the content change, and I look forward to continuing to post about my experiences and my analysis of what is going on in the world of climbing and bouldering, and of course reading your feedback. I am hoping to have a new version of the site up in a few weeks with a more updated look, which will entail new advertising (which I am hoping will be climbing related). While it may be argued that the ads will detract from the overall look of the site, at this point it is necessary to help me to keep the site going (to at least offset the cost of site maintenance, which was around $200 this year) as I am heading back to school to pursue a degree in Physics.

For now, there is a link on the right side to If you have interest in ordering anything (and that means ANYTHING) from Amazon, click through from my site and B3 will get a small percentage of your sale, at no additional cost to you. It is a simple way you can help support my efforts. I have also added a donations button for the more generous readers who are interested in contributing. I also plan on selling the new Colorado Bouldering Guidebook from Sharp End Publishing, in the same way I have sold the Bouldering Guide to Mt. Evans.

Thanks again everyone for contributing to the discussion and making B3 what it is.

“I started this blog as a way to share my climbing experiences here in Boulder, Colorado. I have dedicated much of my life to the pursuit of climbing. I hope that this site inspires, motivates and makes you feel passionate for bouldering the way I do. According to John Gill, the father of modern bouldering, a B3 boulder problem was one of the highest standard, of which there was no equal. I hope my blog continues in that tradition.” -B3bouldering 2007

16 Responses to “Update”

  1. Scott Strong

    05. Jan, 2012

    Any purchase? I’ve got a gift card to burn. But I will be the first to admit, I use adblock plus. Will the ad revenue only come via click-throughs or will you get a view based compensation as well? If so, I’ll disable it for your site in order to support.

  2. B3

    05. Jan, 2012

    It will come through click throughs, and not view based compensation.

  3. greasy enchiladas

    06. Jan, 2012

    Jamie, You don’t need to apologize or explain yourself for making money. It’s not a bad thing. I wish you made more, your site is one of the best. Thanks, ge

  4. B3

    06. Jan, 2012

    Thanks so much GE! Your words are greatly appreciated, more than you know!

  5. Dylan Colon

    06. Jan, 2012

    Good luck with the physics, its an awesome subject, if I may say so myself. Love the blog and hope you keep it up.

  6. B3

    06. Jan, 2012

    Thanks Dylan! That means a lot to me!

  7. Paully

    06. Jan, 2012

    I agree with the previous posters! A couple extra ads to make a buck or two is nothing to apologize for. I love the blog and reading about all the local CO hot button issues.

    Physics is the coolest subject around. My dad is a physicist turned climber and he points out often that physics and climbing are chocolate and peanut butter. Good luck on your new endeavors!

  8. B3

    06. Jan, 2012

    Thanks for the support. There are any number of people that I talk to at the gym who work in Physics or are studying Physics at CU and that has helped my choice! Looking forward to it.

  9. Sasquatch

    06. Jan, 2012

    Sweet 2 birds W/ 1 stone. Click through to Amazon to buy Mr. Beals book :)

  10. peter beal

    07. Jan, 2012

    Always happy to help B3 out though it wouldn’t hurt to see the book mentioned here :)

  11. ktmt

    07. Jan, 2012

    This might be the first time I’ve seen one of your posts NOT generate debate and controversy! Agree with the others: no reason to apologize for monetizing. I don’t live or climb in CO and I sport climb instead of boulder, but I still have B3 in my daily circuit of favorite climbing blogs and sites. Looking forward to your 2012 content!

  12. B3

    07. Jan, 2012

    It’s coming Peter. I had a busy holiday season. I haven’t forgotten.

  13. peter beal

    07. Jan, 2012

    No worries Jamie

  14. Jesse B.

    07. Jan, 2012

    Last time I checked we are still capitalist. Make money, study, and go bouldering, maybe not in that order.

    Thanks for the good climbing info.

  15. big poppa chosscrush

    09. Jan, 2012

    UGGH! i just bought two things last week through amazon. i have a few more gift cards i’ll route through.

    see you in early march.

  16. jimmy

    10. Jan, 2012

    hi jamie, congrats on returning to school!

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