New V14 from Dave Graham

New V14 from Dave Graham

Posted on 04. Jan, 2012 by in News

Dave Graham has made the FA of an amazing new problem just outside of Estes Park called Memory is Parallax V14. Dave has been trying the problem on and off for a few months, but finally made the FA of this demanding new testpiece. Dave has referred to the cluster as “Elkland” although this was a mostly forgotten about area that appears in the Colorado Bouldering Guidebook as the “Nicky’s Boulders”. Here are some photos from Bearcam Media of Memory is Parallax as well as some other projects in the area. Once again Dave has done what almost no one else in Boulder has done or even tried to do, and that is establish new and amazing problems in accessible areas close to town. Well done!

IMG_2349 Memory is Parallax V14 Dave Graham FA



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  1. Estes Local

    05. Jan, 2012

    It’s been Nicky’s Boulders since before Dave was born and it’s not forgotten, just one of many great bouldering areas in the Estes Park Valley- most are not in the books. Locals have been going there weekly since the 1950’s, including our modern local weak guys Tommy Caldwell and Josh Wharton. So believe it or not, Dave didn’t find it and shouldn’t rename it.
    Enjoy up and come visit us in Estes anytime and thanks to Dave for a great addition to what’s already a stacked area!

  2. TheDanDan

    05. Jan, 2012

    Interestingly enough, absolutely no where in this post is it stated that Dave found or attempted to rename this area. Nice try at getting all self righteous and stirring up some shit though, Mr. Estes Local.

  3. cameron

    05. Jan, 2012

    um, well, I kinda found it, and I refer to it by Turkey Town, because of the turkeys

  4. Chuck Diesel

    05. Jan, 2012

    Doesn’t an FA entitle the person to name the route as he/she desires? The Green 45 project was renamed to Jade. Some stand start problems have a different name in comparison to a sit down start , which was added later by someone who was able to visially see and climb the problem in a different manner. Now if they rename the area, that’s another story.

  5. B3

    05. Jan, 2012

    Eli, could you provide any more history? FA’s of classic problems that were done here? Did John Gill climb here? Did Tommy climb any hard problems there? Thanks!

  6. john

    07. Jan, 2012

    it is absolutely rediculous to say Dave is one of the only ones to establish good boulder problems (not “boulders”) near town…please

  7. B3

    07. Jan, 2012

    John, where is this new area with new amazing problems? I would love to know, and if I had heard about it, then I wouldn’t write what I had written.

  8. Danny B

    30. Jan, 2012

    This inspires me, all your posts are brilliant, Jamie. I want to hear more of Dave and I believe he will receive an incredible amount of respect for his efforts, his finds and his amazing lines. That man pushes himself in directions hardly any climbers will go for the glory and experience in climbing. Dave you are more inspiration to me than any other climber today. Hope to catch you around some time. Jamie, be sure to bring Dave and your strength back to Wyoming as there are rocks hidden all over. Devils Kitchen and Falcons Lair are only the sweetener of rock buried in Wyoming. Good Luck!

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