Most commented posts on B3 in 2011

Posted on 26. Dec, 2011 by in News

As the year winds down, here is a quick summary of the most popular posts on B3 for the year 2011. The Endovalley posts seemed to draw the most attention, probably because of the quick and sharp reactions from the locals and subsequent response from the rest of the readers. My favorite post? Probably the one about Ashima.

10. Closed Projects
9. Ashima in Hueco Tanks
8. Midnight Express
7. The Highball
6. The Game
5. Hardest Problem in the World?
4. The Mandala
3. Evil Backwards
2. Endovalley II
1. Endovalley

3 Responses to “Most commented posts on B3 in 2011”

  1. beau

    26. Dec, 2011

    Projects in Hueco Tanks express highball game problems the mandala lives backwards in endovally.

  2. climbhighco

    27. Dec, 2011

    shut up beau… this blog is for serious posters only

  3. big poppa chosscrush

    02. Jan, 2012

    nice job on the feather.

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