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Huber Interview

Posted on 15. Dec, 2011 by in News

I just saw this great interview with Alex Huber about Adam Ondra, and it ties in wonderfully with the previous post! Enjoy.

Alexander Huber about Adam Ondra from BERNARTWOOD on Vimeo.

Here is an excerpt from a short interview with Adam about the reputation Font has for having hard grades, and the actual difficulty of the problems themselves.

Ukclimber: Before, people could say that “yeah, 8C in Switzerland or South Africa is very impressive, but what has he ever done in Font, that’s where the “real” grades are.” Any comment on that?

Ondra: All the problems I climbed in the upper grades were not very tough for the grade, rather relevant and comparable with any other bouldering area in the world, even comparable to supposedly soft Rocklands or Ticino. Of course, some 7A classics were tough, where it is very hard to find the beta, but I am sure it is the thing which one must expect when coming to Font, or I was personally looking forward to it.

Not far off my experience in Font a few years ago: “I had heard alot about how difficult the climbing was in Fontainebleau and how I was probably going to get shutdown. There are also alot of notions about how things are graded differently on the Font. scale and how that compares to Hueco. It seems to me that things are surprisingly consistent. The past three days I have climbed a problem 8A or harder, and all of these problems would be graded the same, I feel, if they were in Switzerland, Hueco, or Colorado for that matter. It does seem like there are fewer problems here that are overgraded, and maybe there are more in Hueco or Switzerland.”

5 Responses to “Huber Interview”

  1. Crafty

    15. Dec, 2011

    Really great interview. Is that the Dagger/TSOTW at roughly 3:30 in the video? I haven’t seen it shot from that angle before.

  2. B3

    15. Dec, 2011

    Yes it is.

  3. jays

    16. Dec, 2011

    Had not seen TSOTW before. Looks amazing. Since when did climbers learn to think? 😉

  4. TheDanDan

    18. Dec, 2011

    Damn that’s some jacked looking beta on TSOTW

  5. Michael

    21. Dec, 2011

    I think that Adam is a good climber but I’ll be better than him in like a year or two

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