Legends Only

Posted on 26. Oct, 2011 by in News

This is one of the best bouldering competition climbing videos to come out in a while. Amazing problems, great music and the best climbers. Enjoy!

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  1. Drex

    26. Oct, 2011

    It would have been more fair it was humans only. Unfortunately Ondra was there.

  2. Zach

    27. Oct, 2011

    Who else thinks that was the most awkward comp ending EVER?

  3. BugGuns

    27. Oct, 2011

    A limo? And was this a competition or an exhibition? I know it was promoted as a comp but c’mon, this was a la sportiva ad, plus the climbers got to project the problems the day before, why did one of the veejays keep saying ‘think you’ll flash all the problems?’. I’m clearly more than just confused.
    However, this was pretty sweet!!

  4. Justin

    27. Oct, 2011

    Pretty sweet, I wish this style of comp were more common.

  5. Ledgend

    27. Oct, 2011

    Outdoor climbing competition in Grand Ledge Mi at Oak Park
    Spring 2012

    date is TBA

  6. Jill

    27. Oct, 2011

    Really nice. Also interesting competition format. Emphasis on climbing hard problems instead of onsighting a boulder.
    First time I could really enjoy watching a competition video.

  7. good setters

    28. Oct, 2011

    Great problems. I really liked the first one, and the dyno. The swinging ball was interested thing I’d never seen.

    Overall good stuff and showing that Ondra crushes.

    I don’t like the idea of seeing problems before the comp. It takes away from thinking on your feet, but still good stuff

  8. slabdyno

    02. Nov, 2011

    so awkward, obviously scandinavian, swedish or norwegian? can’t even make it past 2 minutes, sorry, dorky swede and his preggers wife just don’t get me psyched to watch plastic.


  9. B3

    03. Nov, 2011

    slabdyno, perhaps you’d make a better assessment by watching the comp in its entirety.

  10. Michael

    03. Nov, 2011

    Hey Slabdyno, I love you no matter what

  11. slabdyno

    04. Nov, 2011

    i watched another few minutes. The embarassingly slow edit job hurts almost as bad as the super cheesy limo reversing into the garage door. After DW got peaced out on the first problem, It was strange to see the SWEET graphic listing the ranking in the reverse order I would have expected. seriously? at that point I stopped watching yet again. Why, do monkeys fly out of someones butt later on? its cool to watch harry potter pwn bishes, but an hour and a half long? really? coulda been condensed into 10 mins of action. lmk what minutes have the good shit, I’ll fast forward.

  12. USAC Level THWREE setter

    08. Nov, 2011

    Debate/Jens: I for should like to know, is that are the worst video you’ve ever seen?

    Holy unrelenting boring/awkward/poorly executed/please stand on this red box for a while.

    “This is one of the best bouldering competition climbing videos to come out in a while” <– "LIKE" (see what I did there?)

  13. peter parker

    08. Nov, 2011

    the shortened version http://vimeo.com/31620058

  14. Michael

    09. Nov, 2011

    for the record, slabdyno watched the ending.

  15. Oliver

    13. Nov, 2011

    Definitely lame on the presenter front, some awful interviews and terrible entry/ending but RAD climbing, really showed up everyones styles. Interesting to see Ondra just smash some of the moves others struggled with. Overall entertaining, but get frikin editor! And some lessons on public speaking/presentation.

  16. nelly

    09. Sep, 2013

    Couldn’t stop laughing. Great climbing but as fot the rest, awwwwkward. Wish they made that first problem a little easier for a daniel woods type.

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