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Posted on 17. Oct, 2011 by in News

The last few weeks I have been far less diligent than normal about posting. I’ve been sport climbing, working, and preparing to head back to school in the spring. I’ve just simply been busy and haven’t had time to write the kinds of well thought out posts I usually try to post. Additionally, my camera broke and is in the process of being fixed. And perhaps I just needed to take a little break. It may be a few weeks before I return to my previous pace, but I will be going to Hueco Tanks in November with the Movement setting crew and I am hoping that I will be back no later than that trip. I have also been working slowly on a very long post which I hope to have finished by the end of the year. Anyways, I want to thank all of you who follow so diligently. I am not leaving! Not yet…

10 Responses to “Update”

  1. Daren

    18. Oct, 2011

    Jamie. I certainly understand as I am sure this can consume some time. I have always enjoyed visiting your site, reading the posts, photos, information, opinions, etc.

    I will continue to return for updated posts, regardless of how often you are able to make it happen.

    Thanks for providing a forum for discussion.

  2. alex

    18. Oct, 2011

    Dude, apologies on blogs for not posting is like soooooooo cliche. Spend that time working on an actual post. A photo of a turd from your webcam would be better than this.

  3. MOM

    18. Oct, 2011

    Happy Birthday, Jamie!!!!!! Love, Mom & Dad

  4. DT

    18. Oct, 2011

    School? An advanced earth science degree, taekwondo…? Do tell.

  5. slabdyno

    18. Oct, 2011

    sweet, is the gym finally spending some money on its setters and paying for the trip?

  6. Michael

    19. Oct, 2011

    be careful about what you say because this place will not always be here and you should regret it later and say you are sorry.

  7. Narc

    19. Oct, 2011

    Finally enrolling in the Police Academy???

  8. jt

    19. Oct, 2011

    “anyways” has no dignity because it is not a word

  9. B3

    19. Oct, 2011

    DT, I am getting a second degree in English Lit, and then not sure, either grad school or law school. Very psyched on going back to school.

  10. B3

    19. Oct, 2011

    @Narc, I think I would be better as a judge than a sherriff, much to the dismay of Jimmy Webb.

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