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Posted on 15. Aug, 2011 by in News

Just a quick update on the guidebook. The pre-orders have all been shipped out, and if you were in the first 100 or so people, you should have or be getting your book soon! For those of you who are waiting, the remainder of the books should arrive around Aug 22. It will be then that you can purchase one from me directly, in person. I will be doing what I can to have books at Lincoln Lake and RMNP if you are interested in buying one then. I will also be making several public appearances where I will be selling the books directly as well. Additionally, you will still be able to purchase the book off of my website. When you make your order, I will ship it out in a few days. I typically haven’t been working on the weekends, but that may change if things get busy. Thanks to all of the positive feedback everyone! Right now my number one priority is to get people their books!

10 Responses to “Guidebook Update”

  1. David

    15. Aug, 2011

    I loved the detail and depth you went into about the geological history of this area. Thank you from a fellow Toledian bidding his time behind a desk in Tampa until my fiance and I make the move to Arizona.

  2. Damon Corso

    17. Aug, 2011

    Jamie, MAD props on the guidebook, just got it monday, you have made one of the best on the market. congrats. now i just need to get my ass from Cali to Colorado!

  3. Matt

    17. Aug, 2011

    Received mine on Saturday. So good to hold the actual guidebook and allows for the full appreciation of the work that went in to making it.

  4. Bryan

    18. Aug, 2011

    I picked mine up at my local gym here in Fort Collins and i can’t say how much i appreciate the hard work you put into this guidebook. I had friends in town from Arizona and the trip up to Chaos went really well because the book let me find a few things that i hadn’t known about before for them to work on.

    Thanks again for the hard work and dedication. The testimonials from Dave and the others is also a nice touch.

  5. Chris

    19. Aug, 2011

    Nice work on the guide, Jamie. I received mine a while back and it looks great. Now if I can just finish off the current home remodeling project I’ll at least be able to enjoy the tail end of the alpine season. See you out there…

  6. cardboard_dog

    19. Aug, 2011

    did the flying thrutchman make the guidebook? Or the Inverted Clam?? If not, totally invalid.

  7. big poppachosscrush

    24. Aug, 2011

    ~ “not pictured is adam henry, who couldn’t make the hike.”


  8. Tim

    25. Aug, 2011

    How can I check the status of my order?


  9. big poppachosscrush

    25. Aug, 2011

    observation: seems to be showing signs of pretty dang obscure lines getting done and coming into vogue. can’t help but think this is due to the guide expanding the awareness of even local climbers.

    i can’t remember a month in the last 8 years i have not consulted benningfield’s old front range guide to remember more obscure rigs and try to plan adventures.

    seems like the park/evans guide should start filling that roll for me… and more importantly, the 5,000 local boulderers.


    to do my part for sales, i hereby pledge to savagely assault the kidneys (with fists, kicks, assorted implements of stabbing) of any local boulderer who posts photos on facebook of nice dinners, bar nights, or club “beta” adventures, but who has not first purchased a copy of this guide.

    DOING MY PART FOR THE COMMUNITY, WITH LOVE (and fury/semirepressed sadism)!

    the only way to escape the wrath of my fists is if you agree to proved a nurturing home for my cat and/or dogs (the cat is severable; the dogs are a package deal since without the others they will die like in some “red fern grows” scenario).

  10. Tom

    12. Jun, 2012

    Hey, i was wondering if any stores in Boulder, CO are selling the “RMNP and Mt. Evans Bouldering Guide”? I know you can buy it online but i prefer buying it from a store.

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