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On Sunday, Brian Capps and I are leaving for two weeks to one of the most beautiful places in the world, Alaska. We are going in hopes of putting up some amazing new bouldering, to hike, to view the animals, to fish and simply to experience all there is to experience in The Land of the Midnight Sun. Our efforts will be mostly dependent on the weather, with our preferred area being Hatcher Pass (elev. 3386ft). Hatcher Pass is in the southwestern portion of the Talkeetna Mtns. Right now the highs in the area are in the low 60s, which sounds like a refreshing break from the heat and humidity we’ve been experiencing here in Boulder. The sun rises around 5:00 am and sets around 11:00 pm, which should give us plenty of time to explore. I have been in contract with several locals, including Todd Helgeson, who has lead the development of most of the hard climbing there. Our first day of climbing, weather permitting, will be Monday, and I will be anxious to share photos and words. Alaska is, in the words of one recent traveler, “life-changing”. The mountains, the wilderness, the adventure and the people are all very special. This trip would not have been possible without Brian’s motivation and to say the least, I am ready to go!

To give you an idea of what we expect to see, here is a hiker’s video from Upper Reed Lake, just one of about 10 sectors in the Hatcher Pass area I would like to visit.

7 Responses to “Alaska”

  1. Paul D.

    15. Jul, 2011

    SICK! Looks better than Morrison!

  2. Matt Lowber

    15. Jul, 2011

    Psyched to see you guys up here!

  3. sam

    15. Jul, 2011

    So do you have a hiker friend who knows you look for boulders or is that just conveniently the perfect boulder-scouting video?

  4. Maxim

    16. Jul, 2011

    Sounds very romantic…honeymoon?

  5. Jared LaVacque

    17. Jul, 2011

    Psyched to have you up here Jamie. Chris Alstrin just finished filming a movie up here with myself, Todd Helgeson, Drew and Will Crowther, Matt Lowber and a bunch of the locals who are developing problems here. The movie specifically focuses on the Alpine Bouldering in South Central Alaska.

  6. Dan

    19. Jul, 2011

    No controversy = no comments.

  7. Nietzsche

    20. Jul, 2011

    I actually thought a lot of the boulders in that video looked rather small…

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