New Boulders

New Boulders

Posted on 06. Jul, 2011 by in News

Lately I’ve been very busy with the guidebook, but this weekend I did get outside to do some climbing and exploring. My trip to Alaska is less than two weeks away, and my emphasis right now is on developing new problems (which I think is a practice that can be honed), hiking, and good gym sessions to keep up my power. A nice new photo has emerged of Hatcher Pass and I am incredibly to psyched to start exploring this amazing area.


I have been busy scrubbing and climbing several new lines at Lincoln Lake. Most notably, on Saturday, I did the FA of a nice and technical problem just behind Bebe Wolverine called Ram Skull V8 or V9. It starts on two good, slot crimps and climbs up a short face to a technical mantle. On Monday I climbed Ram Skull Right, which is probably a grade harder. That line follows the arete up and right to a nice finish Paul Dusatko grabbed the second ascent soon after.

IMG_1661 Paul Dusatko on Ram Skull

The next day I met up with Dave Graham and Diego Montull for a great day of exploration. While Lincoln continues to be a great source of motivation and inspiration, we know there is more rock to be found. Long sessions on Google Earth can put you in the vicinity of rock, but nothing yet replaces the importance of simply getting out there and looking around.


We hiked up a beautiful valley that had much less rock than anticipated. It was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed just being in the mountains. As we turned to head back, we stumbled upon an excellent overhang with a couple of awesome hard projects.

In the past I have provided directions to everything we have discovered. This time, however, I will not. While Lincoln Lake remains popular, it’s clearly not the only place to discover new climbing. The motivated climber has ample opportunity to get out there and discover plenty of new rock for themselves, it simply takes the ability to go somewhere else once and try something new. It’s very motivating to know that such amazing problems still remain to be climbed.


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  1. Todd

    06. Jul, 2011

    FYI – The Hatcher Pass photo is of the Lane Hut boulders and the photo was taken by Drew Crowther and also taken from

  2. Mojo

    06. Jul, 2011

    Just to be clear, I did all thse problems 38 years ago without any shoes on. I just didn’t tell anyone, cause I don’t care about bouldering. Don’t you dare take credit for my achievement though.

  3. bearcam

    06. Jul, 2011

    wait what!? you guys found a tickmark?! aw come on tell me where!

  4. Me.

    07. Jul, 2011

    Cool! Be sure to keep us updated on the projects! I love reading about this stuff . . . keeps me psyched while recovering from a finger injury.

  5. B3

    07. Jul, 2011

    Todd, thanks for the photo credit. I will take it down if you don’t want it reposted here. It’s a motivating photo for sure!

  6. Todd

    07. Jul, 2011

    No worries, I’ll send some more you way if you want….

  7. greasy enchiladas

    07. Jul, 2011

    I was recently on Mt. Shavano’s eastern side near the snow angel’s south wing – there are boulders down there waiting to be farmed. Having done most of our 14ers, I can assure you lads that there are tons of boulders waiting out there similiar to Lincoln Lake, Evans and RMNP. Garnet Canyon on The Grand has a bunch as well. I admire Jamie and his crew’s adventurous spirit in seeking these boulders out – its really cool to see this commitment in this age of convenience. Keep it up!

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