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Posted on 29. Jun, 2011 by in News

Just a quick update, as many of you have had questions about this. When you place the order, it will take a day or two for me to process it. I will send out an email with a link to download the eBook file. Please take the time to read through all of the instructions in the email before downloading the file. In the meantime, check out a review of the book from Peter Beal.

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  1. jimmy

    30. Jun, 2011

    can you provide some info about the ebook? what file format is it? it sounds like there is all sorts of DRM on the ebook. what are all the restrictions placed on it? will we be able to print any pages?

  2. B3

    30. Jun, 2011

    The eBook comes as a locked .pdc file. That means you can print it out as many times as you like, but you can’t share it with another computer. Any other questions?

  3. Andy

    30. Jun, 2011

    The ebook is a little weird as it takes a number of steps before you can open it, but once it is set-up you are good to go. I guess you can only use it on one computer however I have not tested this.

    Printing is only available to actual printers and the DRM does not allow you to print to XPS or .pdf. Also unlike a normal .pdf it does not allow you to highlight text or pictures therefore everything is truly read-only. Their is a text search feature, however it works just alright.

    The quality of the ebook is very high and it is well worth the download on its own. The photography is amazing and everything is of a high caliber. Also really like the addition of lots of location photos and trail photos.

    Looking forward to the physical book.

  4. B3

    30. Jun, 2011

    Everything you said is right on in regards to the eBook, and it is deliberate. We have to protect our intellectual property so that we can provide an eBook. Thanks so much for the kind words Andy! I am glad you are enjoying it.

  5. jimmy

    30. Jun, 2011

    i am only trying to figure out what exactly the product is, because i could not find much information on it. i apologize if you have explained it somewhere. i did try to look, but i could not find such info so i wanted to ask. i am not a technically savvy person, and so wanted to ask about the technical hurdles. would you view the ebook in adobe reader? also, i have encountered e-documents before where i tried to print so that i could write on them and make notes, but the DRM only allowed for black pages to be printed. an e-guidebook where the pages can only be seen on a computer screen would be more limited in use, and so i asked about printing.

  6. B3

    30. Jun, 2011

    No, Jimmy, I thinkyou mistook my tone. You should be able to print off the pages you need. It is.a locked pdc file which is simply so you cNt email it to someone else.

  7. jimmy

    03. Jul, 2011

    hi jamie, sorry, that was my mistake.

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