The Guidebook-Bouldering Rocky Mountain National Park and Mt. Evans

The Guidebook-Bouldering Rocky Mountain National Park and Mt. Evans

Posted on 22. Jun, 2011 by in News

After two years of specific work and eleven years of hiking, exploring and bouldering in RMNP and Mt. Evans, the guidebook is complete. The guide covers (in RMNP) Moraine Park, Veritas, Lonestar, Emerald Lake, the Hallett Boulder, Lower and Upper Chaos Canyon, and (in Mt. Evans) Area A and B and Laying in Wait. There are over 350 problems and projects in the book. There are also essays from Daniel Woods, Tommy Caldwell, Justin Jaeger, Brian Capps, Angela Payne, Ben Scott, Flannery Shay-Nemirow and Tyler Landman, as well as an extended interview with Dave Graham about the early development of Chaos Canyon. There is an excellent essay from Hayden Miller about the unique geology of both places. There are awesome photos from Caroline Treadway, Ryan Olson, Wade David, Steve Woods, and Andy Mann.

I have made many sacrifices to see this book come to fruition. I have run my website free of charge, without significant ads for three years, sharing my love for the sport with all of you. I stand firmly behind this guidebook and its quality. If you are thinking of buying the guidebook, and are interested in supporting my effort and the continuation of B3, then I would encourage you to buy either directly from my site, or from me personally. It will help me considerably.

Here is how this works. The book has gone to print, and will be available as a physical book and an e-book. The e-book is essentially the computer file of the book, however it is locked to the specific computer it is ordered on. It will be a few weeks until the physical books arrive in Boulder from Korea, but until then, you can pre-order your copy right here, for $29.95. By pre-ordering, you will get an e-book right now, at no additional cost. When the books arrive, I will ship your physical copy to you. When the books do arrive, an additional fee will be added for those interested in purchasing the e-book at that time. You can click the Buy Now button on the right hand side of the page, which will take you to a Pay-Pal account. A shipping cost of 4.95 will be included in the total. If you live in Colorado, want to order the book now and think you will see me at some point (and not have to pay shipping) send me an email at, and we can discuss some options.
When the books arrive I will also be selling them myself, hopefully at a to-be-determined event at Movement, several upcoming slideshows around town, and even at the crags. I will of course be updating this site and the Facebook site on public appearances. I will update everyone as well when the physical books arrive, for those who are interested in waiting.

If you have specific questions or concerns, please email me at Please don’t use B3 comments, simply email me. For now, general questions can be posted as comments.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you for your support. It is always my pleasure to be able to share my love of climbing with a community of like-minded individuals. There are many people in the Boulder community who have shared their knowledge with me and made this guidebook what it is. I am incredibly excited to share it with all of you! Thanks!

50_50_V11_Wade David_Photo_Jamie Emerson Wade David sends 50/50 Where it Counts, RMNP Photo: Wade David Collection


automatorangela Angela Payne sends The Automator V13 Photo by: John Dickey

35 Responses to “The Guidebook-Bouldering Rocky Mountain National Park and Mt. Evans”

  1. Wes Walker

    22. Jun, 2011

    Hell yea! Thanks for all of the hard work and for sharing the info with the rest of the climbing community man. Stoked!

  2. Crimpin' Ain't Easy

    22. Jun, 2011

    sunseeker on the cover?…so sick…congrats on makin it happen dude

  3. MIsha Zavalov

    22. Jun, 2011

    Very excited for this one. Nice work Jamie.

  4. Collin Horvat

    22. Jun, 2011

    Congrats and well done Jamie!

  5. CarlosFromPhilly

    22. Jun, 2011

    I’m flying out to CO on Friday, and staying in Estes Park for a few weeks.
    Any chance the e-book version will be available soon?


  6. Seth

    23. Jun, 2011

    Nice job Jamie. Thanks for all your hard work and due diligence in making the most accurate guidebook possible. (i wish everyone cared as much). Thanks also to everyone that helped you in this endeavor.

  7. B3

    23. Jun, 2011

    @CarlosFromPhilly The e-book version is available now. Just click the BUY NOW button on the right side of the site, and I will send you your e-book today!

  8. josh

    23. Jun, 2011

    Huge congrats, Jamie. I’m definitely buying straight from the source within the next week or so. Thanks isn’t enough, but still: thank you.

  9. B3

    23. Jun, 2011

    Thanks Josh, and everyone!

  10. stu

    23. Jun, 2011

    Looks mint. Can you ship internationally? Like New Zealand??

  11. Michael

    23. Jun, 2011

    May I buy a signed copy?

  12. Michael

    23. Jun, 2011

    Nevermind, I’m happy that you mentioned my name in the book…Nice work Emerson

  13. Danny B

    23. Jun, 2011

    So stoked, thankyou very much Jamie. Off to Colorado again:)

  14. Tim Kemple

    23. Jun, 2011

    Nice Work Jamie!

    I was wondering if the Ebook was a pdf and if it would work on say an i-phone?


  15. Markku Laine

    23. Jun, 2011

    Great work, Jamie! Could you share a couple of photos covering some of the inside pages of the guidebook as well, including ToC and a random problem description? The cover looks great but it really does not say anything about the usefulness and the quality of the guidebook.

  16. Mark E

    23. Jun, 2011


  17. TK

    23. Jun, 2011

    Nice work! The guide sounds like a ‘must buy’ to be sure.

    Hopefully I can get down that way to check things out sooner than later.

    Curious if this is considered a comprehensive or select guide for the listed areas.

    Once again, awesome work! It’s very cool to see this coming out.


  18. Josh Ochoa

    23. Jun, 2011

    Jamie props on the new G.B.! With an author such as yourself I’m positive this book will fulfill all needs. Gotta say thanks for your hard work.

  19. tendon

    23. Jun, 2011

    Sooo whats up with the lincoln lake topo in Urbanclimber?
    I think you should discuss why that topo will cause way more harm than your book. i.e. having rangers involved vs not involved.

    Good time to discuss issues that are developing at that area again since it will continue to be an issue this summer….

    Sheriff needs to put the smackdown! keep AM in check

  20. B3

    23. Jun, 2011

    @stu email me jamiecemerson and we can discuss international shipping

  21. B3

    23. Jun, 2011

    I don’t think so. We have been in the process of trying to get an app for the Iphone, it just hasn’t happened yet.

  22. B3

    23. Jun, 2011

    @Markku I will be posting some sample pages next week.

  23. B3

    23. Jun, 2011

    @TK It would be several lifetimes of work to try and compile a comprehensive guide to bouldering in the Park alone. There are literally hundreds of thousands, if not millions of boulders in RMNP that are climbable and most of them are at least 7 miles from the trailhead. Additionally, the rangers asked that I keep several problems and areas out of the guide, in instances where the felt it was important to preserve the natural environment. The guide covers a vast majority of the well known problems that people are interested in and have climbed on.

  24. Andy

    23. Jun, 2011

    Whoa Ben. Apologies for any harm here mate. There was simply a photo of the boulder field in the article and I was asked by UC to point out a few boulders for size reference, no further info was provided. I would have never done such had I known better. Jamie and I have discussed it. Andy Mann is in check. Cheers

  25. B3

    23. Jun, 2011

    @Everyone THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT! I am very excited to have finally completed such an endeavor and it’s awesome to hear such great feedback.

  26. B3

    23. Jun, 2011

    @ Ben, that post is coming soon. I talked to Andy and he said he would never do anything to jeopordize access to the area, although clearly what was printed was in conflict with what the rangers told me.

  27. B3

    23. Jun, 2011

    B3@stu sorry my email is

  28. David

    24. Jun, 2011

    Purchased! I’m in FL, but hell I’m sure I’ll be visiting in the future. I shall drool over this guidebook from my cubicle in South Tampa.

  29. Steve

    24. Jun, 2011

    Amazing work. Thankyou.

  30. AB

    29. Jun, 2011

    Congrats Jamie! Looks great

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  32. Milly and Bruce

    06. Jul, 2011

    So proud of you. Can’t wait to get the book! Congrats!

  33. Carl

    25. Jun, 2012

    Hey Jamie,

    I’m in Boulder for the summer, and I was wondering if there is anywhere in town that I could buy the guidebook from. I am aware that you are a route setter at Movement. Is there a chance that I could buy it there?

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