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Lincoln Lake

Posted on 31. May, 2011 by in News

On Saturday, Dave Graham, Jimmy Webb, Daniel Woods and I drove up the now open Mt. Evans Scenic Hwy to scope out Lincoln Lake. It was a recon mission. Things were cold and snowy, but the road was dry. A brisk wind swirled the clouds, hiding and revealing the precipitous drop down to the jagged rock fragments collected at the bottom of the basin. Things looked somewhat climbable, and the next day the boys went back to climb a number of problems. It looks as though season 2 of Lincoln Lake has begun! So many excellent areas are about to come into season, it’s really a motivating time to be a boulderer. This is when Colorado comes into its own, and I look forward to the long days in the mountains once more. Here are some photos of the day:

IMG_1453 Wolverineland, 2011

IMG_1466 Daniel Woods

14 Responses to “Lincoln Lake”

  1. Pat

    31. May, 2011

    Headed up tomorrow! So psyched!

  2. John Meget

    31. May, 2011

    Jamie, completely off topic, but I’m wondering if you are setting for the WC Boulder comp this weekend.

  3. B3

    31. May, 2011

    I’ve chosen not to set the WC for personal reasons this year. Perhaps I will be up on Sat to watch finals.

  4. TK

    31. May, 2011

    Season 2?

  5. Matt

    31. May, 2011

    With the upcoming guidebook that you are working on, will it include the newer areas such as Wolverineland and Endovalley?

  6. B3

    31. May, 2011

    I was asked by the rangers not to include Lincoln Lake, and so it will not be included. I’m not sure that place is ready for a guide either, as I can think of at least 10 projects that are V10 or harder.
    Endovalley will not be included either. It came up too late for me to give it proper attention. I’d rather not do a so so job on a new area that is hardly developed simply for the sake of getting something out. I thought that was one of the reasons Horan’s Guide was lackluster.

  7. TK

    31. May, 2011

    Last year you mentioned the prior history at Lincoln Lake aka Lincoln Park, it also appears in the Horan guide…seems kinda strange you call it season two…It makes it sound like the area was just discovered last year….just sayin’

  8. Crafty

    31. May, 2011

    When you say “lackluster,” I read it as “dismal at best.”

  9. B3

    31. May, 2011

    @TK If you take the time to read previous posts, I have been clear about others involvement in Lincoln Lake and the fact that a number of people have been there in previous years.
    It will be the second season of “Wolverineland”, which marks in my eyes the period of substantial development of the area that began last year and the enormous resurgence in popularity. I’m not sure what you mean but “just sayin'” but does that clear things up?

  10. TK

    31. May, 2011

    just sayin’ = I really don’t care, or I’m not upset, but just pointing out

    I’m aware of your posts from last year, I just mentioned that in my prior comment…

    I found your choice of words interesting is all and it struck me as something that could easily be misinterpreted…


  11. sidepull

    31. May, 2011

    Questions – ideas that were raised but need not be answered:

    1) Uh, so why exactly aren’t you setting for the WC?

    2) Why did the rangers not want Lincoln Lake included?

    3) If an area is known of shouldn’t it at least get a mention in the guide and/or driving directions? For example the guide to Font or Ben Moon’s guide to grit bouldering both provide directions to smaller areas without providing a comprehensive list of problems.

    Feel free to answer or not answer any of the queries. Great pics – excited to hear more. Good luck!

  12. Matt

    01. Jun, 2011

    What are your thought’s on publishing mini-guides and addendums to keep your guide up-to-date with the new developments that happen so rapidly and kind of out of the blue?

    All these questions, it might just be time to put up a post dedicated to the guidebooks progress =P I want a copy!

    Could you go in to detail about a few of the outstanding projects in Wolvoland? Any potential for a major testpiece? I also don’t know exactly how you guys tackled the area last year, if it was one area at a time with all of the boulders confined to said areas or if you ran around the entire lake sporadically putting up problems working on the highest quality you could find first.

  13. B3

    01. Jun, 2011

    I am definitely interested in an addendum, but properly documenting the area is important to me. The Horan guide, which is one of the worst guides out there, was poor because it wasn’t properly researched. I am much more interested in taking the time to produce a quality product, instead of rushing something out just for the sake of getting something out.
    There are a number of sick projects at Lincoln Lake. I’m not sure what kind of details you are looking for? Some of them have names, like the black roof, some do not. I think that everything has been seen at this point. Developing a complex area takes at first time to try and see every face. I remember seeing some less obvious projects and quizzing Dave on them to see if he had seen them too. Every day I would make a plan in my head that revolved around questions like: Do I want to try and repeat one of Daniel or Daves new problems? Do I want to spend time scrubbing and preparing a new problem? All of this is made more complex by finding people who are interested in the same problems. It’s not always east organizing everyone to do one thing. It’s also really hard to get people to climb on new things. Occasionally, I tried things which were too hard, and then that becomes a less productive day than had I tried an established problem. I would usually go after the highest quality problems first, and I think so does Dave, but sometimes there is a less obvious climb and for whatever reason people are interested in climbing on it and so it gets climbed. Or all the pads happen to be in an area for a while so all the problems in that area get climbed. Its a complex process. It takes a really open mind, and I think you need to be ready to change the plan at any moment, as you may stumble upon something new.

  14. slabdyno

    23. Jun, 2011

    @ TK, don’t mess with Jamie dood.

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