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RMNP History

RMNP History

Posted on 24. May, 2011 by in News

As information has come in about the history of bouldering in the Park, one detail in particular has caught my attention. Last week I had the opportunity to chat with Jim Hurst, who was one of, if not the first person to boulder at Emerald Lake. Jim was very friendly and open about sharing his story. He had been guiding clients up Hallett Peak. The previous winter he had spent in Hueco Tanks and he couldn’t help but notice the massive boulders that have now become so popular. Most interestingly (there are more details about this story in the guide) is that Jim did the FA of what is now commonly called The Kind V5. This is one of the most popular and climbed problems in the alpine realms of Colorado. Jim’s name for the problem was In Your Face, for a large block which threatened to come off (and has since been removed). The name In Your Face will be listed in the guidebook as the preferred name, with mention that it is also known as The Kind. I would encourage everyone to call the line by its given name. I am very thankful Jim was so willing to share the accurate information.

5 Responses to “RMNP History”

  1. Michael

    24. May, 2011

    The name “The Kind” became known after the longer version called The Kind Traverse? Or vs vs?

    Campusman Productions is up, check out the website.
    new videos will be up very often.

    Thanks again Jamie for helping share media.

  2. Martin

    24. May, 2011

    Thanks for sharing that. I would love if more often you could post the interesting bouldering history that you discover through your extensive involvement in the sport.

  3. Christian

    24. May, 2011

    well then jamie- when are you going to come down to telluride and let jim hurst and i show you around?

    we’ll even let you take pics and post on your blog about it without getting mad! :)

  4. Bronsos

    26. May, 2011

    Thank you Jamie for contacting Jim Hurst. It’s wonderful to have the correct history noted and hopefully others will appreciate your work. Cheers!

  5. James

    27. May, 2011

    Jamie I think this is very awesome that you have found all this history. I think by calling it by the original name is very respectful. I will go ahead and let people know both names but especially the original name. Thanks for caring about the boulders Jamie. PYSCHE IS HIGH

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