Joe’s Valley Guidebook

Joe’s Valley Guidebook

Posted on 15. Apr, 2011 by in News

My buddy from Utah Isaac Caldiero has been hard at work on a much needed new guidebook to Joe’s Valley published by Shibidaang Publishing. Isaac has been instrumental in the development of the area, and although I have yet to see the book, I would imagine him to have done a top notch job. Check out their website here! Joes_guidebook_AD

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  1. Matt

    15. Apr, 2011


  2. Loren

    16. Apr, 2011

    Heading to Joe’s tomorrow at 6AM for the weeekend. I can’t wait for the new guide. Thanks Shibidaang!!!!!

  3. Michael

    17. Apr, 2011

    for the record- Johnny is off the couch
    I repeat, Johnny is off the couch!

  4. Micah

    18. Apr, 2011

    Nice! Looks like the same kind of amazing fromat that is used in the Bishop bouldering guide.

  5. bongowurm

    19. Apr, 2011

    King bub walked all the way down the south side of Straight canyon in a day! Those aerial photos are going to be priceless for newcomers.

  6. Matt

    21. Apr, 2011

    Is the guidebook only available through Isaac’s site? Heading out to Joe’s in the morning and would love to bring the new guide.

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