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Posted on 08. Apr, 2011 by in News

Just for some fun I have added a poll on the right sidebar of the page. If there seems to be interest I will continue with a new question every week. Have a great weekend everyone!

16 Responses to “Poll”

  1. Amy

    09. Apr, 2011

    The text box on the poll doesn’t work. If it did, I would type “I don’t live there, wtf are you talking about?” :)

  2. Seb

    09. Apr, 2011

    I agree with Amy not all your readers live in Colorado.

  3. Tiffany Hensley

    09. Apr, 2011

    “Speaking of Dark Waters their are several new variations at the New River Wall …”

  4. B3

    09. Apr, 2011

  5. peter beal

    09. Apr, 2011

    Dark Waters is located outside of Golden, well outside the Boulder city limits

  6. pauly

    09. Apr, 2011

    never heard of it

  7. B3

    10. Apr, 2011

    someone is hijacking the poll, to sway the answers towards either the first option or the last.

  8. B3

    10. Apr, 2011

    After a quick search of the IP addresses, please, Brian Kimball and Mike Rathke, stop hijacking the poll to sway the outcome. Future polls will allow only one vote from an IP address.

  9. Rambo

    11. Apr, 2011

    Clear creek canyon is choss choss choss!!

  10. CarlosFromPhilly

    11. Apr, 2011

    1,235 votes… whoa.

  11. michael

    11. Apr, 2011

    what is the parking like at Clear Creek?

    I voted 15 times, i highly doubt it was just kimball and I that voted many times.

  12. Brian Kimball

    11. Apr, 2011

    I will shamefully and publicly apologize for voting probably over a 100 times BUT the question was how do I like the problems and I REALLY, REALLY like them-it never said you could only vote once and I most definitely assumed Jamie was hijacking me and getting his friends to post multiple times too…I was wrong :o(
    I have learned again that although I give Jamie credit on a regular basis that maybe I don’t give him enough credit

  13. B3

    11. Apr, 2011

    Thanks Brian. I think it is funny more than anything, but I was just hoping poll questions would give a more accurate view of how people felt. No worries.


    11. Apr, 2011

    i’m happy to see that there doesn’t appear to be friction between jamie and brian.

    i vote yes on that.

  15. michael

    12. Apr, 2011

    I’m happy to say that Jamie & I had a good conversation on facebook chat… After I appologized and said I was sorry


  16. wyclimber

    12. Apr, 2011

    More problems means more available climbing. Duh, I vote yes to that, though I am no where near there to actually try them, so i can’t comment on quality.

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