Warpath V14 repeated

Posted on 19. Mar, 2011 by in News

Daniel Woods has made a very quick repeat of James Litzs’ Warpath, at Castle Rock in Idaho. This is one of the best roof problems in the world, and many had speculated it could be a potential V15. It took Daniel two days, and he has logged it as V14. Very nice effort! I visited the roof for one day a few years ago at the end of a road trip, and was very impressed.

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  1. DaveH

    19. Mar, 2011

    Amazing. That climb is wonderful. I love watching that video.

    Congratulations to Daniel.

    Can we expect to see video? I’d love to see more footage of that climb.

  2. Seth

    19. Mar, 2011

    Very impressive. Nice job Daniel.

  3. michael

    20. Mar, 2011


  4. […] not afraid of some wet rock is Daniel Woods who, according to B3Bouldering, did the long-awaited 2nd ascent of James Litzs’ Warpath at Idaho’s Castle Rock. […]

  5. Keenan

    22. Mar, 2011

    Daniel updated his 8a:

    Soft, FA 17 days of work over 2 years, At first none of the moves were possible until now. A true breakthrough in my climbing and the longest I have ever worked a boulder problem. So many different style of moves both technical and physical out a 60 degree overhanging prow. 8 moves in total… topped out in the snow and ice had to dig deep to send. Game Over… After returning back and using the new method, The Game felt to be more like a soft v15 than 16. A couple of the holds have seemed to of grown in size from brushing. This new method is different from what I did, so therefore it is a different boulder problem. Before, I could not use these holds since they were not as positive as they are now. Regardless, it is still an amazing boulder!

  6. big poppa chosscrush

    24. Mar, 2011

    someone text me when it’s been aggressively cleaned down to v9/10.

  7. André

    24. Mar, 2011

    I just read the Daniel’s updated comment on his 8a scorecard about the Game and to me it sounds like excessive brushing has made the problem significantly easier. Jamie, as you know the boulder and the crowd that has climbed on it, maybe you can shed some light on that situation?

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