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The Game repeated-by Daniel Woods

Posted on 23. Feb, 2011 by in News

Daniel Woods reclimbed his testpiece in Boulder Canyon, The Game V16, and Chad Greedy was there to film.

Untitled from chad greedy on Vimeo.

21 Responses to “The Game repeated-by Daniel Woods”

  1. jchoss

    23. Feb, 2011


  2. it must

    23. Feb, 2011

    be v16 if daniel put it up!!!! hardest boulder in world omgzzzzzz!!!!!

  3. David

    23. Feb, 2011

    second ascent…hilarious!

  4. Gill

    23. Feb, 2011

    Nice video, I like the fake retro-touch!
    And FINALLY!!!! a climbing flick with a cool soundtrack!
    Black Flag can’t be beaten! love it.

  5. Mojo

    23. Feb, 2011

    Cool to see that Dave is putting some effort into that thing. I wonder if he will come up with some crazy wizard beta different from the sequence DWoods used . . .

    And I second the awesomeness of the Black Flag soundtrack . . . I’ve had enough of the electronic/dance pop remix crap

  6. Mark

    24. Feb, 2011

    Password protected?

  7. michael rathke

    24. Feb, 2011

    you have to go to chads website if you want to watch this video

    meanwhile i have a video i just released to the public

  8. B3

    24. Feb, 2011

    I think the password is dpmsux

  9. michael rathke

    24. Feb, 2011

    i searched for atleast 2 minutes believing it was already out there. My faith is radical. =)

  10. michaelrathke

    24. Feb, 2011

    chad changed the password

  11. André

    24. Feb, 2011

    I checked his blog but didn’t find the password. Did he remove it or am I just blind? Would really like to watch the clip…

  12. sidepull

    24. Feb, 2011

    I can respect that it’s a difficult, if not aesthetic climb. I can respect that Chad was trying to do something different with the editing. That said, a solid climb and cool editing doesn’t necessarily make a good clip and in this case, the opposite happened. This was really just unwatchable. That’s okay, we all learn from failures be they a part of climbing, art, or anything that requires learning. Put nicely: good TRY, BAD video.

  13. Re-peter

    24. Feb, 2011

    Any comments from DW about how hard it felt the second time round?
    I know when I’m working a proj it can feel impossible, even when the send is born I can feel as if it is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But sometimes upon returning to the former proj and repeating it, it doesn’t feel the same.
    I don’t enjoy watching repeats of boulder problems by the same person who put it up. For some reason it detracts from the intial send/effort put into the piece of art created in the first place.
    This felt contrived, and what a ‘fuck you’ to the people standing around struggling on the rig.
    I’m just curoius what such a quick repeat means for the grade??

  14. sfcore

    25. Feb, 2011

    Do you remember when bouldering was punk rock? Loved the clip.

  15. JR

    25. Feb, 2011

    Can’t watch it without a password. kinda makes this post a tease for the majority of your readers.

  16. Cahoots

    25. Feb, 2011

    I have to disagree with sidepull’s take on Dr. Greedy’s video. I think that the editors of climbing videos stand to learn something from skate/ski/snowboarding movies (not Warren Miller films). Dr. Greedy’s video was exactly in the spirit of those films. His video was a welcome departure from the documentary style of Warren Mller, Big Up etc. Instead of feeling as if you are experiencing the climber/climbing from an overly informative, almost academic viewpoint, the editing style conveyed a more intimate vantage point. As if you were sitting on a rock under the game yourself watching D. Woods climb.

    Furthermore, the use of Black Flag adds an element syke to the clip that is absent from films that choose to overlay their footage boring computer generated electronica. While my own opinions on music are subjective, I think that the physicality and aggression in bouldering should be emphasized through the soundtrack. Let’s face it, electronica cannot match the energy and emotion of rock punk music performed by real people, who express able to express their true emotion via their instruments.

    Soundtracks and editing make or break a video. In my opinion the purpose of a climbing video should not be to inform, it should be to get the viewer hyped on the sport. After watching Dr. Greedy’s videos I am always syked to go climb. I want to get out and pull my hardest, scream, fall, and explore my limits. When I watch the typical electronica laden videos instead of climbing I want to go skate, and after watching the documentary style videos — which are usually full of cheesy music — I want to spend an hour on wikipedia studying the geological history of some obscure mountain range.

    To me Dr. Greedy’s artistic and punk/skate inspired clip of the game was a welcome departure for the norm. My feelings after watching the video where simply ,”F#@k YES, let’s CLIMB!!”

  17. Kaelen W

    26. Feb, 2011

    I quite liked it.

  18. Adam M

    26. Feb, 2011

    I would rather the other person say this, I don’t like to pass info through threads, but because he most likely won’t, i’ll repeat what he said to me.

    This person was there when DW climbed the Game.

    I asked the same question, “Does Daniel still think it’s that hard?”
    Dude said, “Yeah, he does. But if someone comes along and does The Game and calls it v15, Daniel will be ok with that.”

    That’s pretty cool. But believe this: Daniel Woods is so incredibly freakin’ strong right now. You think he was strong before, he is way stronger now. You should hear what that dude is doing in CATS. Another level? Believe it.

    When you can just walk up to a problem like The Game, and run a lap? On the spot? Damn Daniel. Damn.

  19. Mark

    28. Feb, 2011

    Yeah, I’m just curious how so many people are commenting on the video when its still locked. Come on son! Give us a password.

  20. Brian A

    01. Mar, 2011

    The video is on DPM now.

    I dont see what the big deal is all about…? Im not normally a huge fan of Chads videos or anything, but i always still enjoy them, and he does find a way to get his hands on some amazing footage.

    There is nothing wrong with this video. Its a little strange, but nothing different or worse than some of Jason Kehls videos from back in the day, and nobody bashed those videos this hard. It doesnt bother me at all, and I am glad he was there to capture a nondramatized ascent, makes it seem more real.

    Just a different new editing job, definitely a lot harder than just putting the footage in iMovie, dragging a techno song into the project, and writing “ThE gAmE v16” at the beginning.

    good effort chad.

  21. Yo Chi

    01. Mar, 2011

    Normally I prefer the clean doc-style Big-Up stuff, but I actually really liked this. I actually think that Chad’s getting better, as some of the editing in his Wolverineland vid and other stuff kind of bothered me. My main suggestion though would be still to emphasize the actual content/climbing, and to not let effects or gimmickry overpower that in his future efforts. Too much of that stuff all the time and it kind of loses its effect, you know?

    The music was a nice change of pace too from the “straightforward climbing clip set to a techno or rap track” formula that’s kind of taken over homemade climbing videos these days.

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