ABS Nationals 2011 Video

Posted on 16. Feb, 2011 by in News

The ABS 12 National Championships: Stop #1 of the 2011 UBC Pro Tour. Boulder, CO. from NE2C on Vimeo.

Here is a video from finals!

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  1. 1-2 Teddy

    16. Feb, 2011

    sean’s flash of the final problem was inspiring.
    oh and thoughts on them bloating the finals field to get more americans in?

  2. pat sheridan

    16. Feb, 2011

    Hey i was just wondering what steps it really takes to move towards the professional setting world. I have been setting for a couple years now and its by far one of the most amazing jobs i have ever gotten into. i just don’t have a clue what it would take to get where you are. Is it luck, knowing the right people, or something that anyone can really work there way into?

  3. B3

    17. Feb, 2011


    This should have all of the information you need for setting USAC events. You need to be certified to set USAC events. I am currently Level 4.

  4. B3

    17. Feb, 2011

    Here is a link to a list of the USAC setters and their level of certification.

  5. pat sheridan

    17. Feb, 2011

    very cool, something I’m going to really look into. thank you.

  6. john

    19. Feb, 2011

    I am curious what kind of compensation a USAC route setter may get. I too am interested in getting certified and want to make sure i can pay the bills. Thanks

  7. […] This years competition saw the strongest, deepest field in ABS history. In addition the venue was a large warehouse with three amazing climbing walls, lighting arrays, PA systems and tons of space for spectators. The USAC set up the venue for the Adult National Championships which were held a week earlier. Video of this event canbe found┬áHERE […]

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