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Poudre Canyon

Posted on 10. Jan, 2011 by in News

The Poudre Canyon is the best place in Colorado for new hard problems. Friday I took Daniel Woods there to scope some of them out, and to try to get some fitness back after a restful Christmas break. The boulders were mostly covered in snow and it was cold, but we gave some good efforts on two of the lines, the Pinch Project and the Red October Project. It seems the Pinch project maybe reachy, but it felt possible, and Daniel and Brian Camp gave good efforts on it as well.

IMG_9871 Daniel on the Pinch Project.

The cold was a bit much, and we moved over to Critical Mass, a V12 roof put up by Andre Difelice. I fell off the end and Daniel made quick work of the low roof.

IMG_9886 Daniel Woods sends Critical Mass


It’s a nice project to have to build some fitness, although the cold weather looks as though it may be here to stay. Fortunately, I have beta on a potentially good new area, which I will be traveling to this weekend…more to come.

2 Responses to “Poudre Canyon”

  1. Carlos A

    10. Jan, 2011

    If your coming to New Mexico for sandstone ill meet you there. You now have my email. Keep the new problem coming up there!

  2. michael rathke

    11. Jan, 2011

    If you are coming to GL for sandstone on the other side of the river then let me know when u r so I can give u the tour…I am developing that side as much as I can and 100’s of FA’s will be established.

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