Southern Nevada Bouldering by Tom Moulin

Southern Nevada Bouldering by Tom Moulin

Posted on 03. Jan, 2011 by in News

I just received a copy of Southern Nevada Bouldering by Tom Moulin. This is clearly the most well researched bouldering guidebook ever written and it is packed with useful information. The book documents over 2000 problems in over 400 pages. It is fully color, and there are hundreds of action photos. The introduction shines, with an amazing section on the flora and fauna of the region. The maps are clear, informative, and very well organized. Moulin has probably written the most exhaustive and remarkable history section in any bouldering guide. The guidebook speaks to a new generation of boulderers. The seriousness and in-depth thought which he has obviously poured into the effort plays out on every page. It is also clear that Red Rocks is a very worthy winter destination, and one which becomes more appealing as Hueco becomes more and more crowded. The book retails for $40, and I would highly recommend it. Well done.

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4 Responses to “Southern Nevada Bouldering by Tom Moulin”

  1. campusman

    03. Jan, 2011

    nice rock, nice pic, nice comment

  2. Pete Lowe

    03. Jan, 2011

    Anyone who comes to Las Vegas to go bouldering does themselves a serious disfavor if they don’t pick up this book. As you will see there are a whole slew of amazing problems outside of Kraft proper and Black Velvet Canyon. At present I can think of at least five projects listed in the new guidebook that are some of the best problems I have ever seen anywhere. Good luck and enjoy!

  3. Crimpin Ain't Easy

    06. Jan, 2011

    red rocks is the best climbing area i’ve ever seen…definitely get out there…

    just make sure you don’t do this…

    also b3, whats the name of the boulder in that picture

  4. Michael Rathke

    07. Jan, 2011

    thats Mike Lorenzo on Tiger Lily

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